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The Future of Healthcare

The future of healthcare has never been in sharper focus than in 2020. But even before the pandemic changed our way of life, the future is what our industry lives every day.

So we created a vision for our silver jubilee year, The Road To 2021: The Future of Healthcare. We’re not just talking about COVID-19 treatments and the vaccines that dominate current headlines, but the next 25 years of continued biopharmaceutical advances and patient-centric development. 

Our quest is to talk to industry leaders and academics spearheading development, governments and NGOs concerned with healthcare in their populations and economies, visionaries driving innovation from inside and outside the industry, and everyone down to the person on the street. Our sponsors will share where they fit into this journey, what they are working on, their vision, and the passion that drives them every day.

Conceptualized as The Road to CPhI Milano, an epic trip was envisioned to take us around 25 countries in 25 days, culminating at the world’s largest pharmaceutical show. One way or another, we will do those 7,000 arduous miles, but your journey is longer and harder. This is The Road to The Future of Healthcare. Join us.

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Video Spotlight

The End of the Road... but not for long!
The interviews continued at BIO International – we can’t wait to explore Europe and head out on the Road to 2021.
All Roads Lead To 2021
After a thousands-of-miles trip, the team finally arrived at their destination, proving all roads lead to BIO.
Farewell, To Our Beloved Albear
With an additional 644 miles under their seatbelts, the Road to BIO crew crossed over into Arizona.
Southern Hospitality On The Road To BIO
Southern hospitality (and BBQ) lived up to its reputation as evidenced along the Road to BIO.
Putting The Bayou In Road To BIO
The Lamborghini was an attraction from east to west Texas, as the team interviewed clients at G-CON and Celanese.
Hit The Road, Jackson
The team restocked on personal fuel from Mississippi to Texas to keep pushing on the open road.
Discovering The Empire State Of The South
Promote your business with a 90-second video interview throughout the trip plus a bonus 6-8 minute fully edited interview for your company.
Welcome To Charleston, South Carolina
Promote your business to over 180,000 people with content, social posts, e-blasts, blogs, and videos
Over The Blue Ridge Mountains
Be part of the journey and get $150,000 in promotion value for your business. Visit the sponsor page to get started.
Bristol Is A Good Place To Live
The Road to 2021 - 25 countries in 25 Days, be part of the journey!
Day Of Reckoning On the Road To BIO
The Road to 2021 - we will take you to 25 countries in 25 days and learn about the Future of Healthcare across the Globe... connect to follow the journey.
Biotech Hub to NYC, The Epic Journey Begins
We’re setting off on another Epic journey… from the team who did Road to Bio, Road to 2021 is coming-and you can be involved. Contact us to learn more.
Future of Healthcare – The Road to 2021
Our own David Alvaro, Ph.D., Editorial Director of Pharma’s Almanac, talks about COVID-19 and the pandemic’s likely impact on different aspects of the industry

Our Sponsors – Driving the Future of Healthcare

We are proud to introduce our sponsors of The Road to 2021. Check out each company’s content to discover their thoughts on the Future of Healthcare and the unique part they are aiming to play.


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