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About Olon:

Olon is a world-class drug substance contract development and manufacturing organization with expertise in API production using synthetic and biological processes for the generic market. As our exclusive sponsor of Italy, Olon has a global presence with 11 manufacturing facilities. The company’s facilities, located in Italy, Spain, the United States, India, and China, are all compliant with international requirements.

With several decades of experience and a strong background in chemical and biological processes, Olon is a reliable outsourcing partner that offers integrated services to support the full development of APIs.




How is Olon contributing to the future of healthcare?

As an API supplier to pharmaceutical companies worldwide, innovation is a key driver at Olon. The company invests in new technologies, capabilities, and processes to provide valuable solutions. Olon is closely eyeing the increasing need for personalized medicine and aims to further invest in high-containment capabilities and adopt continuous rather than batch processing for API manufacturing. 

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a critical need for a robust supply chain, as some supplier countries were placed on lockdown. Olon, with its global presence, supports health efforts through the development of multiple experimental antiviral drugs to combat COVID-19. The company will continue to develop new ideas and sustainable solutions to support the life science industry and improve the health of patients across the world.