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SGD Pharma



About SGD Pharma:

SGD Pharma is a leading provider of glass pharmaceutical packaging. Formerly part of Saint-Gobain, SGD Pharma has over 100 years of experience in the production of pharmaceutical glass primary packaging. As our exclusive sponsor of glass, SGD Pharma manufactures over eight million vials every day from five plants in France, Germany, India, and China.

The company’s mission is to improve and protect patient health by supplying high-quality, reliable, and innovative glass primary packaging. Through continuous improvement and innovation, SGD Pharma is committed to reinforcing patient safety by improving the physical, chemical, and cosmetic properties of its products.




How is SGD Pharma contributing to the future of healthcare?

As the industry faces a growing need for flexible processing solutions that facilitate safe and reproducible technology transfer, SGD Pharma serves as a key partner that is globally recognized as best in class for their quality level for type I and type II molded glass.

SGD Pharma is constantly improving their innovation strategy based on eight pillars: chemical durability, increasing quality, improving inspectability, dimensional aspects, physical resistance, flexibility, and services. As the companies across the industry race to produce a vaccine against COVID-19, SGD Pharma’s Sterinity and EasyLyo platforms take significance, as they reduce development timelines and contribute to the safety of supply. SGD Pharma continues to position itself to address the needs of the market, including expanding on the company’s flexibility and continuously improving quality.