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About Avid Bioservices:

Avid Bioservices is a dedicated commercial biologics CDMO focused on the development and cGMP manufacture of biopharmaceuticals derived from mammalian cell culture.

The company has manufactured commercial biologics since 2005, has more than 27 years of expertise in mammalian cell culture development and manufacturing of complex biologics, and has produced more than 150 commercial batches of drug substances.

Avid provides fully integrated biomanufacturing services for our clients and can support projects from concept to commercial supply, including cell line optimization, protein characterization, upstream (batch, fed-batch and perfusion) and downstream process development using a wide range of expression systems, optimization, scale-up and validation, and cGMP clinical and commercial manufacturing.

All of these services are provided from one location that also includes laboratories and experts in analytical method development, qualification and validation, QC release and stability testing, and regulatory strategy development and implementation.




How is Avid Bioservices contributing to the future of healthcare?

In recent months, Avid signed two new co-marketing agreements, meaningfully expanding the company’s ability to support clients with integrated sequencing through final product services. In collaboration with Aragen, Avid offers cell line development expertise built into the company’s upstream and downstream process development and analytical services. Avid’s agreement with Argonaut Manufacturing Services provides clients with drug substance manufacturing and parenteral fill-finish services — accessible within an hour’s drive of the company’s existing drug substance development and manufacturing facilities.

The future of healthcare points West. Pharma companies are once again recognizing the value offered by Western manufacturers, creating significant opportunities for CDMOs like Avid to expand pipelines and grow revenues. The United States remains the most important pharmaceutical market in the world, and the push to manufacture in the United States will continue.