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SPI Pharma



About SPI Pharma Services:

SPI Pharma Services provides formulation innovation and support to pharmaceutical clients in over 55 countries. Its products include antacid actives, excipients, taste-masking and fast-dissolve technologies, drug delivery systems for tablets, and a variety of other innovations for patient-friendly dosage forms. The company’s functional excipients can be used in a wide range of customer applications, including soft chew, chewable, swallow tablets, lozenges, orally disintegrating tablets, and soft gel dosage forms. SPI Pharma is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, and has locations across the United States, France, and India.

SPI Pharma is a leading supplier of solutions to pharmaceutical formulation marketers worldwide. Through collaboration with their customers, SPI Pharma uses proven processing skills and formulation expertise to deliver value-added and cost-effective solutions to their customers’ problems. The company is focused on making a difference

– in the lives of patients, their customers, and their employees and in the communities they serve.




How is SPI Pharma contributing to the future of healthcare?

SPI Pharma, our exclusive sponsor of excipients, strives to make a difference for patients by offering delivery platforms that provide dosages that are easy to take and easy to administer and that provide better regimen adherence. The company is continually seeking new solutions to their customers’ challenges, driven by unmet patient needs, regulatory challenges, and regional preferences. 

There has been a recent shift among regulatory agencies toward patient centricity and patient adherence in drug development. As a customer and patient-centric focused organization, SPI Pharma creates innovative formulation solutions to improve patient experiences. SPI Pharma continues to support the future of healthcare by expanding its capabilities and developing solutions that help customers solve their problems and enhance the patient experience.