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Mammalian Cell Culture, Biologics:
2024 Market Insight, CDMO Pricing and Competitor Benchmarking

Coming May, 2024
  • 2024 pricing data for benchmarking and informed decision-making
  • 150+ pages of relevant market insights, research, and analysis
  • 80+ profiles of biologics CDMOs specializing in mammalian cell culture
  • Scientific analysis of mammalian-based biologics, with a focus on antibodies
  • Emerging trends and technologies shaping the future of the market
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Key market insights for innovators, CDMOs and investors in the biologics industry.

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Make better decisions with our pricing and benchmarking report

Discover the mammalian cell culture contract development and manufacturing market with our comprehensive study on top CDMOs and insights into manufacturing trends. Benchmark your business with our in-depth pricing studies, which use years of primary data, to see how to best position your business. Dive into the focus on production of antibodies and antibody-based therapeutics.

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Essential mammalian cell culture analysis for CDMOs and innovators

Understand the unique complexities of developing mammalian-based biologics and the trends and technologies shaping the market from exclusive insights from PhD scientists, NMEs and respected voices in the biopharma industry.

Coming May, 2024

Unlock the rapidly changing biologics landscape with our all-in-one report, featuring essential market research, data and analysis.

The Mammalian Cell Culture, Biologics: 2024 Market Insight, CDMO Pricing and Benchmarking provides

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80 company profiles of biologics CDMOs specializing in antibodies and mammalian cell culture
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Up-to-date pricing information for biologics manufacture and production costs
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Scientific analysis of the development and manufacturing process with PhD and SME input
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Unique benefits and complexities of mammalian cell cultures for biologics manufacturing
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Market growth projections for the biologics market, with distinct therapeutic segments
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Innovative technologies for manufacturing and supply chain management of biologics

Over 1000 hours of data collection and analysis —
including interviews with CDMO owners, PhDs and customers.

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Coming May, 2024
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