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About Kineticos Life Sciences:

Kineticos Life Sciences is a life sciences consulting firm with a vast depth of expertise driving strategy and growth for clients. Their consultancy represents centers of excellence in rapidly advancing cell & gene therapies, oncology, and other leading therapeutic areas. Kineticos delivers strategy and growth through a process of primary research among a proprietary network of subject matter experts (SMEs) and a large database of segment specific key opinion leaders (KOLs), which serves as the foundation of reliable data insights that support our recommendations or validation of a definitive course of action.

Focusing on some of the most dynamic areas of life sciences, specifically oncology and cell & gene therapy, they have built an incredible team of consultants, industry leaders and operating experts who bring tremendous experience to the close collaborations they build with their clients. Companies they work with benefit from having these people as a seamless extension of their organization. Kineticos arguably have the strongest network of SMEs and KOLs in both oncology and the relatively small universe of cell & gene therapy pioneers.

Many consulting firms hand over data and insights to clients and while there is value in the intelligence, it still leaves the client to define what to do with that information. This is not enough to consistently drive results. At Kineticos, the philosophy is to deliver a recommended course of action or validate the thinking that the client may already have in place – supported by robust, relevant data and insights derived from SMEs and KOLs that may otherwise be difficult to discern. Their seasoned experts build in-depth understanding of their clients through integrated collaborations that transform gathered intelligence into actionable, growth-focused strategy.