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About Scorpion Biological Services:

Scorpion Biological Services (Scorpion) is a contract research, and contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) focused on cell- and gene-based therapies and large molecule biologics. Scorpion provides a broad portfolio of R&D, analytical and biomanufacturing services that enable academic laboratories, research institutes, as well as pharmaceutical and biotech companies to advance their discoveries and deliver new therapies to patients.

Scorpion Biological Services offers a range of services and analytical test methods to support pre-clinical studies for large molecule product development. Their team has a depth of experience and knowledge in bioanalysis including stability, pharmacokinetics (PK), toxicokinetics (TK), immune profiling and cell-based potency assays. They can conduct a wide range of studies within pre-clinical product development and IND-enabling programs.

Scorpion’s analytical services include development of a comprehensive range of analytical test methods to characterize complex biologics, including cell therapy-based products, protein therapeutics, vaccines, and advanced therapies. Test methods can be qualified or validated for use in measuring product quality and consistency in lot characterization and release, as well as stability testing programs. A variety of analytical methods are available, including compendial and client-specific/custom assays. The stability programs are conducted under ICH guidelines and are designed to meet both client and regulatory requirements.

Their biomanufacturing services focus on accelerating product development timelines from preclinical evaluation to first-in-human studies and beyond in support of commercial manufacturing programs. By integrating analytical methods development, process development, cGMP manufacturing product characterization, and QC release testing, the company can efficiently develop a client-specific clinical manufacturing solution that enables a faster path to clinical trials and product commercialization. Scorpion is currently constructing a new clinical scale biomanufacturing facility at the VelocityTX Innovation Center in San Antonio, Texas, which is scheduled to be operational in April 2022. The facility will offer ~2,000 sq. ft. of process and analytical development space and ~8,000 sq. ft. of cGMP-compliant cleanroom manufacturing space. Biomanufacturing capabilities include upstream and downstream processing from 1–2,000L scale for mammalian and cell therapy-based products and up to 50L scale for microbial-based products.