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Federal Equipment Company

About Federal Equipment Company:

Federal Equipment Company is a reliable resource for pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment. With over 60 years of expertise buying and selling used equipment, Federal Equipment Company supports companies in selling equipment and offers deep knowledge of equipment values and accurate appraisals. The company sources the highest quality machines and utilizes their knowledge of the equipment market to offer the best machines available.

For buyers of equipment, Federal Equipment Company has a broad, on-hand inventory of reliable equipment from leading OEMs. As our exclusive sponsor of used pharma equipment, Federal Equipment Company ensures customers buy exactly what they need with fast turnaround, and offers expert training and troubleshooting.




How is Federal Equipment Company contributing to the future of healthcare?

Federal Equipment Company supports pharmaceutical and chemical supply operations by delivering state-of-the-art used equipment and, as a result, significant cost savings.

Creating innovation and opportunity out of adversity is part of Federal Equipment Company’s outlook. With the recent challenges caused by the pandemic, Federal Equipment continues to leverage their knowledge of the marketplace and expertise in equipment appraisal to acquire a huge selection of valuable equipment. Federal Equipment Company supports the future of healthcare by supplying the equipment needed to manufacture the components of virus test kits, equipment used to package products in huge demand, and equipment used to develop new ways to produce personal protective equipment (PPE).