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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, API: 2024 Market Insight, CDMO Pricing and Competitor Benchmarking

Published March, 2024
  • 110 CDMO profiles detailing capabilities and services
  • 2024 global manufacturing pricing study with hard-to-find CDMO pricing data
  • Pricing of 45 line items spanning development through cGMP manufacturing
  • Two project case studies (10,000 kg and 20,000 kg scale)
  • Trend analysis of the rise of HPAPIs and small-volume manufacturing
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Key market insights for innovators, CDMOs and investors in the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient industry.

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Stay ahead of the ever-changing API market — from emerging products, manufacturing changes and regulatory trends

The API market is constantly evolving on three fronts: product, development and manufacturing. Stay ahead of all three with our comprehensive report. Leaders in API manufacturing use our Market Analysis for an unobstructed report of the modalities receiving funding and the technology getting medicine to patients more efficiently.
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Make informed decisions with our extensive pricing study

The Market Analysis provides exclusive pricing research that is invaluable to API manufacturers. Benchmark your business against your peers and effectively strategize for the future of manufacturing with up-to-date pricing info.

Published January, 2024

The Market Insight report is the only comprehensive analysis that combines scientific expertise with strategic business insights for a competitive advantage.

The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, API: 2024 Market Insight, CDMO Pricing and Competitor Benchmarking provides

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110 company profiles for competitive analysis — includes capabilities, technologies and location
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API manufacturing pricing study to benchmark against your peers with historical and current primary data with pricing of 45 individual line-items
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Expert analysis on the new leading indications and why they’re appealing to investors
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New analytical technology and how data is leading a manufacturing revolution
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Manufacturing trends and the new technologies getting patients the drugs they need
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API regulation and how businesses are staying strictly compliant

Over 750 hours of data collection and analysis including
primary pricing information and one-on-one interviews with API leaders.

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Published January, 2024
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