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Sanofi AIS



About Sanofi AIS:

Sanofi AIS (Active Ingredient Solutions) is the CDMO and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) contract manufacturing arm of Sanofi that is fully dedicated to third party activities, including sales and subcontracting. One of the key activities of Sanofi AIS is to offer a broad range of innovative solutions, including intermediates and API supply, custom synthesis, and API contract manufacturing from small molecules to biologics in lab or commercial quantities, as well as pharmaceutical contract manufacturing. The company provides expertise in quality, regulatory, and supply. Sanofi AIS has more than 2000 dedicated employees and represents its customers with dedicated commercial teams stationed around the globe.






How is Sanofi AIS contributing to the future of healthcare?

Sanofi AIS has more than 120 APIs available for both human and animal health. The company is contributing to the advancement of healthcare through this diverse portfolio and by sourcing high-quality products. Sanofi AIS has a global presence and an extensive commercial network through which it is active in 80 countries.

By providing regulatory, quality, and supply chain support, Sanofi AIS is aiding in the industry’s overall progress and ensuring that drugs are developed to meet the highest standards. As more people age and the risk of disease increases, Sanofi AIS’s impressive API catalog is available to help cure or lessen the effects of a range of disorders. The company’s synthesis API portfolio counts 58 references, covering treatments for cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, and central nervous system disorders, analgesics and NSAIDs (non-fluorinated glucocorticoids and derivatives), and anesthetics. Sanofi AIS is notably the sole European manufacturer of vitamin B12. The company’s expertise in fermentation includes large capacity production with its biotech catalog encompassing 14 APIs, including vitamin B12 and its derivatives, antibiotics, and anti-tuberculosis treatments.