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  1. Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing Efficiency is Driving New Attention to Plant Design

    Witold Lehmann, PE, Senior Process Engineer for CRB USA explains the drivers behind strategic planning and efficient production.

  2. The Importance of Flexibility: Competitive Solutions in an Era of Innovation
    Nice Insight is in conversation with Uwe Harbauer, Senior Vice President, Pharma Business Unit, Bosch Packaging Technology, to discuss how equipment supplier/pharma company relationships have changed over time, including the growing importance of longer-term, more strategic interactions.
  3. Supply Chain Management and the Importance of Security of Supply
    Syed T. Husain, Chief Commercial Officer at Alcami explains the importance of strengthening the security of supply.
  4. Knowledge and Experience Equal Successful Technology Transfer

    Joe Szczesiul, Director of Technical Services at UPM Pharmaceuticals, outlines best practices for effective tech transfer.

  5. Dry-Powder Inhalation Formulation: Balancing Performance and Manufacturability

    Eunice Costa, Group Leader, Inhalation and Conrad Winters, Director Drug Product Development at Hovione explain composite particle technology.

  6. Artificial Intelligence in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
    Constantin Loghinov, Managing Director, Machine Intelligence for Life Sciences, MILS Group LLC explains how AI has the power to change the healthcare industry.
  7. CVS Health Acquisition of Aetna to Close before Thanksgiving

    The deal will move forward now that CVS has received approval from 23 out of 28 states.

  8. NextCure Bags $40 Million from Eli Lilly

    Lilly hopes to leverage NextCure’s FIND-IO technology for cancer immunotherapy development.


  9. Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., on Proposed New Steps to Protect Youth by Preventing Access to Flavored Tobacco Products

    Gottlieb comments on tobacco prevention.

  10. NIH $1.4M Grant Supports Study into Precision Bioelectronic Medicine

    Study uses endoscopy technologies to place bioelectronic medicine devices closer to organs without surgery.

  11. Making Real-Time Process Analytical Technology In Biomanufacturing A Reality
    Clint Pepper, Ph.D., Director of MAST Technology at Capsugel, explains the Modular Automated Sampling Technology platform.
  12. Managing the Complexities of Outbound Clinical Drug Distribution

    Wes Wheeler, CEO and Ariette van Strien, Chief Commercial Officer at Marken explain the importance of clinical logistics organizations.

  13. Energizing Client Portfolios with Patient-Friendly Dosage Forms
    Don Barbieri, Technical Products Manager, EDD at SPI Pharma discusses how to reduce patient noncompliance with excipients.
  14. Designing Effective Facilities to Meet the Growing Demand for Oligonucleotide Drugs

    Bill Jarvis, Chief Chemical Engineer, and Brendan Nichols, Process Engineer, CRB USA, discuss the challenges of designing facilities to manufacture oligonucleotide drugs.

  15. From Blobs to Hearts: Understanding the 3D Bioprinting Revolution

    The sci-fi dream of regenerative medicine is coming to life via 3D bioprinters.

  16. How is the Need to Provide Local Drug-Product Supply in Multiple Regions Around the World Impacting Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility and Equipment Design?
    Experts from across the industry lend their thoughts to the Roundtable.
  17. Eli Lilly, Dicerna to Collaborate on RNAi Drug Development

    Eli Lilly invests $100 million in partnership focused on cardio-metabolic disease, neurodegeneration and pain drugs.

  18. GSK Opens New Facility in Scotland
    The plant will manufacture Ellipta products.
  19. Regen BioPharma, Inc. Reports Additional New NR2F6 Small Molecule Inhibitors
    Research supports work toward new treatments for cancer.
  20. Infectious Diseases Experts Convene to Explore Lifesaving Antibiotic Research Methods

    Specialists shape agenda for combating overuse and misuse of antimicrobials.

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Shire’s Takhzyro Sales Soar

Nov 13, 2018 12:23:21 PM PAO-M11-18-NI-015
FDA Approval

US FDA Approves Third Pfizer Cancer Drug in Two Months

Nov 13, 2018 12:14:08 PM PAO-M11-18-NI-014
Drug Pricing

High Price for First Cannabis Drug

Nov 13, 2018 12:09:47 PM PAO-M11-18-NI-013

US Tax Savings Help AbbVie

Nov 13, 2018 12:05:42 PM PAO-M11-18-NI-012
Drug Development

Novartis Grabs Attention for its Development Pipeline

Nov 13, 2018 11:58:00 AM PAO-M11-18-NI-011

NextCure Bags $40 Million from Eli Lilly

Nov 13, 2018 11:55:13 AM PAO-M11-18-NI-010

CVS Health Acquisition of Aetna to Close before Thanksgiving

Nov 13, 2018 11:51:29 AM PAO-M11-18-NI-009

Sanofi and Denali Therapeutics Enter New Collaboration

Nov 13, 2018 11:48:26 AM PAO-M11-18-NI-008

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The Evolution of Pharma Depends on Data Integration and Application
New business models must be adopted to leverage the massive amounts of data generated across the pharma/healthcare continuum.


Q: What Innovative Technologies Had the Greatest Impact on your Company this Year? What Were the Impacts?

New Drug News

Regulatory Approval Brings siRNA into the Rare Disease Toolbox
David Alvaro, Ph.D., Scientific Editorial Director, Nice Insight

Regulatory Spotlight

FDA Delays Enforcement of Serialization Mandate

KshitiJ (TJ) Ladage, Market Research Manager, Nice Insight