1. Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing Efficiency is Driving New Attention to Plant Design

    Witold Lehmann, PE, Senior Process Engineer for CRB USA explains the drivers behind strategic planning and efficient production.

  2. Transient Transfection at a Large Scale for Flexibility in Clinical and Commercial Vector Manufacturing

    Richard Snyder, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Scott Jeffers, Ph.D., Associate Director of Technical Operations and Ying Cai, Ph.D., Associate Director of Manufacturing Sciences at Brammer Bio discuss transient transfection for vector production.

  3. Lab-on-a-chip Technology Advancing Treatments for Lung Cancer

    Researchers at Harvard University are using Organs-on-Chips technology to develop human orthotopic lung cancer models.

  4. California Moves to Increase Transparency of Prescription Drug Pricing
    Governor Brown signs the Healthcare: Prescription Drug Costs legislation.
  5. Janssen Expands Biomanufacturing Capabilities in Ireland

    Janssen Sciences to invest over $350 million at its site in Ringaskiddy, County Cork, Ireland.


  6. Enabling Right-First-Time Tech Transfer with Effective Scale-Down Modeling
    Erich Blatter, Ph.D., Director, Process Development Head, GSK Contract Manufacturing tackles technology transfer.
  7. The Advantage of Having a Drug Development Company Behind Manufacturing

    Stephen Worsley, Vice President, Business Development at Peregrine Pharmaceuticals & Avid Bioservices, Inc. discusses how to maximize efficiency.

  8. FDA is Tracking the Impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria on Drug Production in Puerto Rico

    FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb provided an update on the status of pharmaceutical operations in Puerto Rico.

  9. Mergers & Acquisitions: Combining Market Segments

    Dago Caceres, Marketing Director, and Gary Lord, Global Strategic Marketing Director at The Dow Chemical Company, discuss the drivers behind the merger.

  10. Emphasis on Aggressive Cancer Cells

    Richard Godfrey, CEO, BerGenBio ASA explains what makes cancer cells aggressive.

  11. Managing the Complexity of Global Clinical Logistics for Next-Generation Personalized Medicines
    Wes Wheeler, CEO, and Ariette van Strien, Chief Commercial Officer for Marken explain the company’s personalized supply chain solutions for clinical trial materials and sensitive drug shipments worldwide. 
  12. Evolving Role of the Process Architect

    Peter Cramer, AIA, NCARB, Vice President, Life Science Facility Design at M+W Group discusses how process architects are transforming to meet customer needs.

  13. Facility Expansion at Abzena
    John Manzello, US President of Abzena discusses facility expansion.
  14. Connected Clinical Trial Online Platform Launches

    Innovative “Software-as-a-Service” platform designed to improve patient engagement and trial efficiency.

  15. Serialization: The First Steps In Sales Unit Traceability and Data Management
    Michael Kinsella, Projects Director Serialization & Packaging, Supply Chain at Servier CDMO explores the impact of serialization. 
  16. Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Focused on Restoring Lost Brain Connections

    Seattle biotech M3 Biotechnology launches in-human clinical trial of therapy expected to slow or stop disease progression.

  17. Establishing Specialized CDMO Capabilities for the Production of Advanced Therapies
    Oliver Technow, President of BioVectra, explains the necessity of forward-thinking CDMOs.
  18. IEEE Releases First Detailed Study of Blockchain Technology in Pharma

    Comprehensive study examined barriers and benefits to adopting blockchain technologies to manage transparency in the supply chain.

  19. Alcami on the Road to BIO: Creating Differentiated Value For Biotechs

    Natasha Howard, Site Director, MCC at Alcami, discusses providing solutions for clients through all phases of the product lifecycle.

  20. Aging Frailty Stem Cell Therapy Advances

    Phase II Study reveals the efficacy of Mesenchymal Stem Cells treating age-related disabilities.

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Facility Expansion at Abzena

John Manzello, President, US, Abzena

Attracting Investors and Shortening Development Times

James C. Greenwood, President & CEO, Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)

Providing a Complete Modular Solution

George Wiker, Executive Director, AES

Bringing Bioscience to Space

Bill Goodman, Ph.D., Vice President, SCORPIO-V, a Division of HNu Photonics
Devin Ridgley, Project Scientist, SCORPIO-V, a Division of HNu Photonics

Capacity Expansion

Janssen Expands Biomanufacturing Capabilities in Ireland

Oct 20, 2017 12:26:47 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-031
Drug Pricing

California Moves to Increase Transparency of Prescription Drug Pricing

Oct 20, 2017 12:20:24 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-030

Lab-on-a-chip Technology Advancing Treatments for Lung Cancer

Oct 20, 2017 12:16:39 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-029
Clinical Trials

Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Focused on Restoring Lost Brain Connections

Oct 19, 2017 4:02:03 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-028
Supply Chain

IEEE Releases First Detailed Study of Blockchain Technology in Pharma

Oct 19, 2017 3:48:28 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-027
Clinical Trials

Connected Clinical Trial Online Platform Launches

Oct 19, 2017 3:38:01 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-026
Stem Cell Therapy

Aging Frailty Stem Cell Therapy Advances

Oct 19, 2017 3:27:48 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-025
Drug Delivery

Subdermal Parkinson’s Implant Treatment in Trials

Oct 17, 2017 3:55:44 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-024

FDA Holds First Patient Engagement Advisory Committee Meeting

Oct 17, 2017 3:50:23 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-023

Leprosy Vaccine in Human Trials

Oct 17, 2017 3:16:30 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-021
3D Printing

New 3D Printing Lab Dedicated to Pharma Opens in Sweden

Oct 13, 2017 1:32:37 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-020

Merck, J&J Receive BARDA Funding for Ebola Vaccine Development

Oct 13, 2017 1:24:10 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-019

Kite Pharma Acquisition by Gilead Finalized

Oct 13, 2017 12:16:53 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-017
FDA Approval

FDA Approves New, Implantable Sleep Apnea Treatment

Oct 12, 2017 12:08:39 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-016

Bone Marrow Transplant Therapy Gets Monoclonal Antibody Boost

Oct 12, 2017 12:02:34 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-015

Trial for Cancer Treatment Using Microscopic Beads Begins

Oct 12, 2017 11:45:24 AM PAO-M10-17-NI-014
Cell and Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy Stabilizes Neurodegenerative Disease

Oct 12, 2017 11:40:37 AM PAO-M10-17-NI-013

FDA Finalizes Emerging Drug Manufacturing Technology Guidance

Oct 10, 2017 3:06:48 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-012
Drug Development

New Insulin Formulation Improves Mealtime Glycemic Control

Oct 10, 2017 2:59:00 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-011

GSK’s Flonase Goes to Market with Smart Shelf Solution

Oct 10, 2017 2:39:32 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-010

Biotechs Collaborate to Develop Multifunctional Cancer Immunotherapies

Oct 10, 2017 2:33:34 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-009

New Plant Will Supply Large Numbers of Genetically Modified Mosquitos

Oct 6, 2017 12:02:39 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-008

Amgen To Co-Develop Biosimilars for Chinese Market with Simcere Pharmaceutical Group

Oct 6, 2017 11:56:38 AM PAO-M10-17-NI-007
FDA Approval

Eli Lilly Gets Early Approval for Breast Cancer Drug

Oct 6, 2017 11:53:20 AM PAO-M10-17-NI-006

FDA Attracts Big Tech Companies in Effort to Develop Digital Health Apps

Oct 6, 2017 11:50:12 AM PAO-M10-17-NI-005
3D Bioprinting

Printing Human Organs — One Step Closer to Reality

Oct 3, 2017 3:14:21 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-004
  • Innovation

NIH Funds Novel Small Molecule Approach to Interrupt Alzheimer’s Dementia

Oct 3, 2017 2:33:34 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-003

Brammer Bio Leverages Advanced Bioprocessing Technologies to Accelerate Capacity

Oct 3, 2017 2:18:25 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-002

Avara Acquires New OTC Solid Dose Capacity in South Carolina

Oct 3, 2017 12:46:55 PM PAO-M10-17-NI-001

Recipharm and Roche Enter Strategic Manufacturing Pact

Sep 29, 2017 11:05:32 AM PAO-M09-17-NI-036
  • Innovation

DNA Binding Protein May Increase Ovarian Cancer Survival

Sep 29, 2017 10:51:50 AM PAO-M09-17-NI-034

Modeling Mechanisms for Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier

Sep 29, 2017 10:16:00 AM PAO-M09-17-NI-033
FDA Approval

FDA Approves Grifols’ Prolastin-C Liquid

Sep 29, 2017 10:11:11 AM PAO-M09-17-NI-032

Potential Breakthrough HIV/AIDS Intervention Developed

Sep 26, 2017 1:02:57 PM PAO-M09-17-NI-035


Mergers & Acquisitions: Combining Market Segments
Nice insight is in conversation with Dago Caceres, marketing director, and Gary Lord, global strategic marketing director at the Dow Chemical Company.

Design Logic

Marken: Stronger Than Ever
Now stronger than ever, Marken needed a bold visual direction to illustrate its expanding breadth of services and ongoing commitment to personalized medicine.

Nice Insight Overview

Pharma Contract Services Consolidation Wave Continues

Nigel Walker, That's Nice/Nice Insight
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