1. Facilitating Implementation and Customer Service with Offline Serialization

    Tyler Ewald, Associate Director, Manufacturing and Joseph Quales, Supervisor, Label Control at UPM Pharmaceuticals explain the company’s offline serialization system.

  2. Successful Solid Dose Equipment Training

    Helping operators become technicians and building strong production teams requires training on machine set up, operation, cleaning, and maintenance, explains Mike Tousey, Technical Director/CEO of Techceuticals.

  3. Artificial Intelligence in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
    Constantin Loghinov, Managing Director, Machine Intelligence for Life Sciences, MILS Group LLC explains how AI has the power to change the healthcare industry.
  4. What’s Driving M&A Among Pharma Sponsors?

    Merger and acquisition activity is, overall, driven by a need to improve competitiveness.

  5. Moving Quality to the Forefront Brings Measurable Results

    Chris Curtin, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of UPM Pharmaceuticals explains the implementation of Manufacturing Quality Assurance (MQA).

  6. Segregation in the Design of Gene Therapy Manufacturing Facilities
    Peter Walters, Lead Process Engineer for CRB USA explains segregating manufacturing operations.
  7. WuXi AppTec Expands Site in the U.S. for Drug Development Testing Services

    WuXi AppTec has announced the opening of its expanded Laboratory Testing Division (LTD) facility in New Jersey.

  8. Robotic Microscope Used for Brain Surgery

    The robotic technology was originally used on the International Space Station. 

  9. New Lung Cancer Treatment Awarded Priority Review by FDA

    Pfizer’s dacomitinib is being reviewed as a first-line treatment of locally advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer in patients with EGFR-activating mutations.

  10. Merck’s KEYTRUDA®(pembrolizumab) Reduced the Risk of Disease Recurrence or Death by More than 40 Percent

    KEYTRUDA is First Anti-PD-1 Therapy to Show Recurrence-Free Survival (RFS) Benefit Across Stage IIIA (> 1 mm Lymph Node Metastasis), IIIB and IIIC Melanoma.

  11. Uniting the Industry for the Prevention of “Pharmageddon”
    Tim Tyson Chairman and CEO of Avara Pharmaceutical Services explains Pharmageddon and how to prevent it.
  12. Overcoming Formulation Challenges with Liquid-fill Capsules
    Eli Elias, Director of Business Development for CapsCanada discusses how liquid-filled hard-shell capsules enable formulators to overcome challenges with complex API.
  13. Leveraging Lyophilization Development Expertise for Clinical Manufacturing

    By late 2018, AB BioTechnologies, Inc.will be providing cGMP manufacturing of Phase I-III clinical trial material and small-volume commercial products, says Jeff Schwegman, Founder & CEO.

  14. Supporting Parenteral Development and Manufacturing with End-to-End Services

    Oskar Gold, Senior Vice President of Key Account Management and Marketing/Corporate Communications for Vetter, explains leveraging end-to-end support.

  15. M&A Activity in a Fragmented CDMO Market

    While there has been a slowdown in M&A in the pharmaceutical industry, the contract services market remains highly fragmented and players large and small continue to enhance their competitiveness through inorganic growth.

  16. From Digitalization to Nanoscale Delivery: Emerging Technologies Are Driving the Future of Pharma

    The (bio)pharmaceutical industry is becoming a high-technology sector with success directly linked to innovation.

  17. Marken Announces Plans To Add Nursing Services To Home-Based Trials

    Marken has announced their plans to develop a global home-based nursing network to supplement Marken's existing Direct to/from Patient (DTP/DFP) services.

  18. Shire Announces Sale of Oncology Business to Servier for $2.4 Billion

    Oncology business provides Servier S.A.S. with an immediate presence in the U.S., enhancing its commitment to addressing unmet patient needs in oncology.

  19. FDA Finalizes Guidances to Accelerate the Development of Reliable, Beneficial Next Generation Sequencing-Based Tests

    The agency is leveraging new tools and policies to advance the creation of innovative genetic and genomic-based tests and help ensure the validity of their results.

  20. Charles River Laboratories to Expand Partnership with PathoQuest

    Charles River Laboratories (CRL) and PathoQuest have announced the expansion of their strategic biologics partnerships, giving CRL further access to PathoQuest’s next-generation sequencing services.

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Immunotherapy Prior to Surgery Shows Promise in Fight Against Lung Cancer

Apr 17, 2018 12:02:35 PM PAO-M04-18-NI-016

Robotic Microscope Used for Brain Surgery

Apr 17, 2018 11:47:52 AM PAO-M04-18-NI-014

New Lung Cancer Treatment Awarded Priority Review by FDA

Apr 17, 2018 11:38:55 AM PAO-M04-18-NI-013
Strategic Partnership

Charles River Laboratories to Expand Partnership with PathoQuest

Apr 17, 2018 11:29:36 AM PAO-M04-18-NI-011

New Breast Cancer Drug Accepted for Review by EMA

Apr 12, 2018 10:27:57 AM PAO-M04-18-NI-010
Clinical Trials

Eli Lilly Gets Good News for Cyramza

Apr 12, 2018 10:23:11 AM PAO-M04-18-NI-009

GSK to Take Over Full Ownership of Consumer Healthcare JV with Novartis

Apr 12, 2018 10:12:12 AM PAO-M04-18-NI-008
Strategic Collaboration

Compugen, MedImmune to Collaborate on Bi- and Multi-Specific Antibodies

Apr 12, 2018 10:08:21 AM PAO-M04-18-NI-007

Nice Insight Overview

M&A Activity in a Fragmented CDMO Market
While there has been a slowdown in M&A in the pharmaceutical industry, the contract services market remains highly fragmented and players large and small continue to enhance their competitiveness through inorganic growth.


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