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2024 Market Insight, CDMO Pricing and Competitor Benchmarking

Coming October, 2024
  • 2024 pDNA CDMO pricing data and benchmarking report
  • Over 20 capability profiles of CDMOs specializing in pDNA
  • Over 100 pages of pDNA manufacturing market intelligence
  • Scientific analysis of pDNA as both a reagent and a primary therapeutic
  • Essential market insights for CDMOs, innovators and investors
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Key market intelligence for innovators, CDMOs and investors in the pDNA market.

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Scientific analysis of pDNA and Advanced Therapeutics

Stay up to date with market trends for plasmid DNA (pDNA) as both a reagent for advanced therapies and as a primary therapeutic. Our Market Insight report provides essential market intelligence from innovators, CDMO owners, PhDs and researchers across advanced therapeutics to fully understand plasmids’ role in advanced therapeutics.

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Exclusive CDMO pricing data for benchmarking

Measure your business against your peers using our robust analysis of the pDNA contract development and manufacturing market. Our pricing matrix comprises material cost, infrastructure and development process data from across the industry so you can make informed decisions to best position your business.

Coming October, 2024

Essential price benchmarking, scientific analysis and market intelligence for Plasmid DNA manufacturing — all in one report.

The Plasmids: 2024 Market Insight, CDMO Pricing and Competitor Benchmarking provides

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Competitive benchmarking data from pDNA CDMOs all over the world
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20+ company profiles of companies specializing in pDNA
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Scientific analysis of the pDNA development and manufacturing process
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Unique benefits and complexities of pDNA as both a starting material and primary therapeutic
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Investment outlook of the pDNA market — analyzing economic and regulatory conditions around advanced modalities
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Innovations and breakthroughs that are powering pDNA-based therapeutics

Over 800 hours of data collection and analysis
from interviews, primary research and progressive study.

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Coming October, 2024
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