Oral Solid Dose Market Report

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2020 OSD Report Brings Value To Innovators, CDMOs & PE Investors:

Features: Market Growth, Contract Manufacturing Landscape, and Pricing Study

Nice Insight has compiled primary and secondary data to assess market trends, practices, and pricing for oral solid dose (OSD) drugs, including their formulation, development, and manufacturing. This report provides insights into each OSD segment, ongoing innovations, current processes, therapies in the pipeline, and regional activity.

Pricing Study

A proprietary pricing study provides data for both buyers and sellers of services, with prevailing practices in the bundling of integrated formulation, development, and manufacturing of finished drug products in a range of solid dose forms. A directory of the leading players in major regions with a full listing of services offers readers insight into the global competitive landscape.

Pricing Comparison for CDMOs or PE Investors

If you are a CDMO serving the OSD outsourcing market — or a PE company or investor looking to refine your investing strategy with a comprehensive landscape of the market — you need our Oral Solid Dose Market Growth and Contract Manufacturing Report with Pricing Study to explore the competitive environment, examine how your pricing compares with your peers, and position your company more effectively to attract business. Access pricing data across a range of criteria and parameters spanning the full range of OSD products and processes.

Exceptional Source of Due Diligence & Pricing for Innovators/Generics

If you are a innovator looking to outsource your OSD development and manufacturing or seeking cost-efficient services for generics manufacturing, our Oral Solid Dose Market Growth and Contract Manufacturing Report with Pricing Study is an invaluable resource to find the ideal OSD CDMO with all of the services to fit your needs. Understand what you should pay by product type, process, and volume with competitive pricing comparisons.

Core Deliverables of This Market Report

  • Data collection from the top OSD CDMOs
  • Pricing on all line items for OSD drug product projects
  • Low, median, and high pricing data
  • Regional breakdown for North America, Europe, and Asia

Gain More Understanding Of:

  • High, low, and median pricing for all RFQ/RFP OSD CDMO Services
  • Benchmark your capacity and pricing with peers in the industry
  • Current technology for process lines, including blending, high-shear granulation, and compression
  • Providers with capabilities for controlled substances, highly potent drug product, and other specialty OSD manufacturing
  • Who the leading CDMO provides are globally, region to region
  • Where capacity exists worldwide
  • Awareness levels and perceptions of OSD CDMO providers
  • What is most important to buyers of outsourced services/innovators seeking a CDMO
  • Methodologies/processes use to select CDMOs, including consultants

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