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About Dynamk Capital:

Dynamk Capital is a growth equity and venture fund entirely focused on Life Science Industrials: the services, tools, technologies that are critical for discovery, development and manufacturing in biopharma. Dynamk is focused on companies that are developing innovative and disruptive technologies that enable the full biopharma continuum across discovery, development, and manufacturing of therapeutics, biologics, vaccines and cell & gene therapies. The Dynamk Capital team works to develop collaborative partnerships while leveraging their knowledge and expertise to advance their portfolio of companies.

Dynamk Capital works closely with entrepreneurs and innovators to identify growth strategies, accelerate growth and commercialization, and develop exit pathways. Dynamk’s portfolio companies are enabling the future of biologics, cell and gene therapies, vaccines and regenerative medicine. These companies include RoosterBio, CellFE Biotech and Envisagenics. Dynamk Capital has also previously invested in FloDesign Sonics (acquired by MilliporeSigma).




How is Dynamk Capital contributing to the future of healthcare?

Dynamk Capital is passionate about Funding the Future of Life SciencesTM. Dynamk believes that innovation plays a crucial role in the discovery and development of life-saving therapies, delivering lower costs, and offering greater access to medicines globally.

Many life science entrepreneurs face challenges in securing capital and expertise to bring their innovative ideas to fruition. Dynamk Capital addresses this gap. Their deep industry and technical expertise, coupled with their commercialization experience, help companies realize their full potential. Dynamk Capital contributes to the future of healthcare by offering the necessary resources that enable companies to accelerate their growth and provide critical tools, technologies and services that enable the development of life-saving therapies.