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Oral Solid Dose, OSD:
2024 Market Insight, CDMO Pricing and Benchmarking

Coming March, 2024
  • 2024 pricing comparison and breakdown for OSD manufacturers
  • 50 essential CDMO company overviews
  • 120 pages of exclusive OSD manufacturing insights
  • Interviews with industry experts, CDMO owners and PhDs
  • Market trends and the OSD solutions with the highest demand
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Key market insights for innovators, CDMOs and investors in the OSD industry.

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OSD pricing study with exclusive primary data

Benchmark against your competitors with our unmatched OSD manufacturing strategic pricing study. From small to large CDMOs, see why decision makers around the market are using our analytics to better understand the competitive landscape. 
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Manufacturing trends and the technology changing OSD

Industry leaders are constantly finding progressive solutions in development and manufacturing to get medicine to patients faster and more efficiently. Whether it’s 3D printing, thin-film freezing or disintegration, read our informed scientific analysis of all of the new technologies on the market.

Coming March, 2024

Our Market Insight report uses robust pricing data and thorough scientific research to provide business intelligence for every company.

The Oral Solid Dose, OSD: 2024 Market Insight, CDMO Pricing and Benchmarking provides

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Robust pricing study with hard-to-find primary data sourced from across the industry
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Scientific analysis of the emerging technologies in manufacturing
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50 detailed profiles on top OSD CDMOs around the world
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OSD market overview segmented by dosage form
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CDMO market trends and how consolidation and investment changes the landscape
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In-demand technology making CDMOs more efficient

Over 600 hours of data collection and analysis —
with invaluable insights from notable voices in OSD

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Coming March, 2024
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