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Automated Visual Inspection






VITRONIC is a global leader in the field of industrial machine vision headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, and supports customers in over 60 countries via a global network of subsidiaries, service centers, and partner companies. The group is covering a wide spectrum from standard products with customer-specific upgradeable modules to individually customized solutions in its core sectors of the healthcare and automotive industries, logistics, and traffic technology.

VINSPEC HEALTHCARE offers an integrated solution for automated visual inspection of pharmaceutical packaging. The quality inspection system covers all requirements throughout the entire packaging process. VITRONIC focuses on the inspection of fill/finish processes of parenterals, with a particular emphasis on the filling of vials, infusion bags and BFS containers. The solutions are standardized where possible, can be used in different applications, and are customized to specific project and customer needs. As batches are trending toward smaller volumes, product or format changeovers become more frequent. With this comes a growing demand for inspection systems that support more rapid product changeovers, ideally without the need for intervention by the inspection system supplier. VITRONIC has focused on addressing this need with solutions designed using advanced tools with excellent graphical user interfaces.

In addition to pharmaceutical packaging, medical devices require a reliable inspection to reach superior safety as well. Patient safety is the top priority in the production and assembly of medical devices. At the same time, the inspection processes must be efficient and cost-effective. Solutions from VITRONIC for automated visual inspection help ensure the highest standards of product safety and quality of devices such as insulin pens and transdermal patches.