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Evolve Biologics



About Evolve Biologics:

Evolve Biologics is a new kind of biologics company. The company aims to provide technological innovations that advance the possibilities and capabilities across the plasma industry.

The company’s next-generation protein extraction technology, PlasmaCap EBA®, helps bring critical therapeutics to patients who need them. Evolve Biologics’ believes this technology will help them deliver many critical plasma-derived therapeutics at higher levels of purity, efficiency, and quality than existing conventional methods can,




How is Evolve Biologics contributing to the future of healthcare?

Many of the proteins found within human blood plasma have tremendous therapeutic value in treating a range of rare diseases and demand for continues to grow. However, conventional methods for the extraction of a broad range of plasma proteins face certain limitations.

Evolve Biologics has developed a new solution based on expanded bed chromatography that creates the opportunity to develop a wide range of novel plasma-derived therapies. The company’s patented technology, PlasmaCap EBA®, has the potential to deliver critical plasma-derived therapeutics at higher levels of purity, efficiency, and reliability than currently available in the market and is cost-effective at multiple scales. This represents the first major breakthrough advancement in this field in over 75 years. Evolve Biologics aims to continue to contribute to the future of healthcare by developing a broad and innovative portfolio of plasma-derived therapeutics, with improved reliability of supply, that ultimately improves the lives of patients with rare diseases.