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By The Numbers

as of October 5th, 2017

Pharma’s Almanac is printed quarterly and distributed as a supplement to Pharmaceutical Outsourcing (PO) 20,000 BPA-audited readers throughout North America to senior executives, scientists and others seeking outsourced services. Additionally, content is promoted via the PO newsletter to 12,024 readers.

All content is also promoted via the Pharma’s Almanac newsletter to 65,000 non-BPA audited recipients. With print copies and digital promotion, each issue reaches over 100,000 industry professionals.
181,956+ Print, Online and Newsletter Community
62,000 Avg. Digital Distribution: e-Newsletter
96,170 Digital Distribution: Website
225,000 e-Newsletter Emails Delivered Weekly
52,000 Unique Website Users
900+ Articles Published
166+ Articles on Contract Development and Manufacturing
+/-20,000 Custom Publishing
Print Distribution
107 Pharma’s Almanac TV interviews in past 24 months

By The Numbers

Nice Insight is the market research division of That’s Nice LLC, A Science Agency, leading marketing in the life sciences.
175+ # of PTE queries researched, analyzed and delivered in 2017
1M+ # of data points collected from in-house primary research custom studies
5M+ # of data points collected from secondary databases for FTE/PTE requests
900+ Outsourcing suppliers profiled
3,679 # of products profiled and generated as lead products in 2017 research custom studies
~1,800 # of targeted contacts provided from a pool of 250k leads for FTE/PTE contracts in 2017
100+ # of surveys written for annual and custom studies in 2017
10,000+ # of hours spent in last 12 months addressing FTE/PTE queries
100+ # of research-based article published across industry publications
15 researchers worldwide
6 # of proprietary annual surveys
187 Pharma’s Almanac/Nice Insight clients in 2017