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About BDD:

BDD Pharma is a world-class drug delivery company, helping clients with unique drug delivery challenges by using their extensive experience of conducting clinical studies formulate innovative and challenging products. BDD’s fully integrated formulation development and clinical trial site enable the clients to accelerate their product development pipelines, providing in vivo clinical data in as short as six months. By using clinical tools, the clients take BDD’s lead formulation towards commercial success with confidence.

The base of BDD’s clients covers the globe, including the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, India, and Australia. The company supports micro virtual labs for small, medium, and key global players. BDD offers a full-service package to fit individual needs from troubleshooting, formulation development, in vitro and in vivo testing, and full technology transfer.

BDD Pharma’s patented modified-release tablet technology OralogiK™ provides unrivaled control of drug release at the right place and time. This allows the clients to have a tablet designed to their specific modified-release needs, including sustained, delayed, multiple pulse, and site-targeted release.

The company’s clinical division provides proof-of-concept clinical studies and adaptive clinical trials. BDD is the world leader in gamma scintigraphy, a technology used to investigate the in vivo behavior of the client’s formulation.