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About Pii:

At Pharmaceutics International, Inc. (Pii), our motto is “challenges frame opportunities.” We are a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that has “walked in your shoes” and has a passion for problem-solving. Emphasizing collaboration, our experts complete projects on time with the highest quality standards, all from our Hunt Valley, Maryland campus.

Pii’s campus includes four cGMP and FDA certified facilities, 70 manufacturing suites with all the necessary analytical testing capabilities on site, and four integrated aseptic filling suites delivering quality, safety, and efficiency. Experienced with small and large molecule compounds, we have special expertise in developing and manufacturing complex parenteral drugs, extended-release formulations, and non-aqueous injectable drug products. We can also overcome stability challenges with precision lyophilization cycle development and production.

Pii’s Pharmaceuticals Know How™ can quickly and safely advance your drug from discovery through clinical testing to commercialization.




How is Pii contributing to the future of healthcare?

Innovative therapies including customized, patient-specific compounds, are transforming healthcare, and presenting new challenges for pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Our healthcare ecosystem is experiencing tectonic shifts and providing a reliable supply of safe and effective medicines for hospitals and clinics to use for their patients will require an innovative, problem-solving mindset. The experienced scientists, engineers, and staff at Pii pride themselves on solving challenging problems, it is part of their DNA.

Dr. Kurt Nielsen, the CEO at Pii, “feels optimistic about how CDMOs and CMOs with appropriate capacities and capabilities will help alleviate drug shortages by bringing critical medicines, manufactured under stringent cGMP guidelines, to patients in need.” Pii is actively working with hospital systems directly in all 50 states to mitigate drug shortages. Pii’s ability to operate with great agility will contribute significantly to the patient-centric healthcare system of the future.

The more than 300 professional staff at Pii are proud to be part of providing real solutions for patients, physicians, and pharmacists, now and into the future, it is a responsibility taken seriously. Most of the staff have walked in the shoes of their clients and have a great deal of experience at the hard work of advancing medicines from discovery through commercialization and on to patients—it’s their life’s work.