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AES Clean Technology



About AES Clean Technology:

AES, the industry leader in modular cleanrooms has successfully partnered with clients to build over 3,000 cleanrooms. As the biopharma industry evolves new solutions for accelerated delivery are needed. AES anticipated this need, responded and released three standard design solutions, enter Faciliflex Express. Faciliflex Express is the next generation cleanroom optimized for operational readiness and simplicity. Faciliflex Express has three models 5k, 15k, and 30k representing cleanrooms of approximately 5,000, 15,000, and 30,000 square feet. Each model is a fully integrated solution and includes design, material, HVAC, and installation.

Faciliflex Express is ideal for companies that need to rapidly bring their therapies to the patients. The traditional process of specifying a cleanroom has thousands of decision points. These decisions are both choices about the macro environment, down to the minutiae. The process is time consuming and introduces risk at each interface. The decision process results in cost variation and creates unknown outcomes. Faciliflex Express eliminates the guesswork and provides a proven off the shelf solution.




How is AES Clean Technology contributing to the future of healthcare?

AES Clean Technology is expediting the delivery of fully functioning cleanrooms. Modular technology allows for repeatable installations of proven systems. New facility projects are time consuming and have thousands of decision points. AES has simplified this process offering standardization. The three models AES offers have taken into consideration the trends seen with modern facilities offering built-in flexibility. AES is also capable of working collaboratively with clients to design–build high-quality customized cleanroom systems with guaranteed performance.

Cleanrooms serve as vital assets that support critical manufacturing processes. AES understands that they play a crucial role in assuring the quality and integrity of the products and therapies that are manufactured inside customers’ cleanroom facilities. The company has implemented a COVID-19 strategy allowing them to safely continue operations and support their customers in their development of life-changing products.

AES Clean Technology continually improves and invests in new technology whenever possible to best support their customers. The company contributes to the future of healthcare by delivering flexible cleanroom technology solutions that ensure quality for years to come.