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aCGT Vector

aCGT Vector is a Cell and Gene Therapy CDMO launching in Dublin City North, Ireland. Co-Founder and CEO Gary McAuslan, brings over 30 years of pharmaceutical industry experience and drug commercialisation expertise. The base in Ireland is strategic to providing manufacturing know-how to innovators looking to access EU clinics and markets, open to collaboration with well-established UK C> innovators in the advancement of cell and gene therapy.

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AES Clean Technology

AES, the industry leader in modular cleanrooms, has successfully partnered with clients to build over 3,000 cleanrooms. AES has released three standard design solutions, optimized for operational readiness and simplicity. Faciliflex Express has three models - 5k, 15k, and 30k -representing cleanrooms of approximately 5,000, 15,000, and 30,000 square feet. Each model is a fully integrated solution and includes design, material, HVAC, and installation. Faciliflex Express is ideal for companies that need to rapidly bring their therapies to the patients, as it eliminates the guesswork from design and provides a proven off the shelf solution.

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Altis Biosystems

Altis Biosystems’ mission is to reduce costs and accelerate drug development with in vitro platforms that support screening methods more accurately replicating human biology. Altis developed a next-generation intestinal platform that produces a layer of human intestinal stem and differentiated cells – either of the large or small intestine – that can be used for compound screening, disease modeling, and microbiome research. It can also be used to study many aspects of drug disposition including toxicity, metabolism, drug absorption, and efficacy. An extensive and diverse biobank is another differentiator for Altis.

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Arranta Bio

Arranta Bio is building a best-in-class microbiome contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO). Through the establishment of a facility dedicated to process development and cGMP clinical supply with a commercial-ready capability, they can support pioneers in the development of healthcare therapies based on live biotherapeutic products (LBPs).

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Arriello has provided market access, risk management, and compliance services to the life sciences industry since 2008. The company specializes in consultancy, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, clinical safety, and quality & compliance. Arriello's main goal is to speed-up and streamlines the process from development to market. The company is headquartered in Ireland, with operations in Central Europe, and experience working across the EU, LATAM, MENA, CIS, APAC regions, and South Africa. Arriello currently operates in 148 countries and can readily expand their network based on client needs.

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Avara Pharmaceutical Services

Avara Pharmaceutical Services is a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) that utilizes their institutional expertise, lean management structure, proven track record of regulatory success, and extensive global reach to provide a tailored and flexible manufacturing and packaging experience.

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AVIDBioservices_logo_no tagline_05089@2x

Avid Bioservices

Avid Bioservices is a dedicated commercial biologics CDMO focused on the development and cGMP manufacture of biopharmaceuticals derived from mammalian cell culture. The company has manufactured commercial biologics since 2005, has more than 27 years of expertise in mammalian cell culture development and manufacturing of complex biologics, and has produced more than 150 commercial batches of drug substances.

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BDD combines drug delivery expertise and clinical capabilities to accelerate product development pipelines, enable life cycle management, and create new value-added products. BDD SWIFT accelerates the evaluation and optimization of product performance using in vivo clinical data to direct formulation design in real-time, significantly reducing the time from product concept to clinical success.

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BioVectra is a North American CDMO specializing in microbial fermentation, complex chemistry, high potency APIs, process and analytical development, and drug development. With over 45 years of experience, BioVectra is a reliable and innovative partner providing comprehensive support from early-stage R&D through commercial manufacturing. BioVectra has four cGMP facilities in Atlantic Canada, with a total of 110,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

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BM Systems

The objective of Bio-Modeling Systems (BMSystems) is to understand the causal mechanisms of a disease while finding the most adapted therapeutic solutions and effective biomarkers. BMSystems invented CADI™ Discovery in 2004, the first operational analytical platform dedicated to effectively addressing the complexities of life sciences. By integrating scientific, medical, and health data into biological and physiological mechanisms, BMSystems generates directly exploitable innovative solutions not only for medicine but also for nutrition, cosmetics, and biotechnology.

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Catalyst Captial Group@2x

Catalyst Capital

Catalyst is a Canadian private equity investment firm that specializes in control and/or influences investments in distressed and undervalued Canadian situations. The team collectively possesses more than 110 years of relevant experience in restructuring, credit markets, and merchant and investment banking in both the U.S. and Canada.

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With more than a decade of serving the global pharmaceutical market, Cenexi is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that has built a strong reputation for its fill-finish expertise, innovation, and high-quality products. Cenexi has expanded to include three renowned manufacturing sites, each with excellent regulatory records, and is focused on surpassing customer expectations with its wide range of dosage forms, extensive capacity, technical and regulatory expertise, and commitment to exceptional service.

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Centaur Biopharmaceutical Services

Centaur offers end-to-end biologics services, including cell line development, master cell banking, process development, assay development, stability testing, and cGMP clinical and commercial manufacturing from 50L to 2,000L.

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Centrient Pharmaceuticals

First established in 1869, Centrient Pharmaceuticals is a global business-to-business provider of sustainable, enzymatic antibiotics, next-generation statins and anti-fungals. The company produces and sell intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), as well as its own tablets, capsules and other finished dosage forms.

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ChainbridgePharma is a pharmaceutical consulting company providing business development and sourcing support for pharma companies by connecting the relevant people/businesses across the Northern Hemisphere. The company also promotes groundbreaking therapy to fix metabolic failure, including type 2 Diabetes.

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ClinSpec Dx@2x

ClinSpec Dx

ClinSpec Dx, a spinout from the University of Strathclyde, is developing a blood test for earlier detection of cancer. Studies on brain, prostate, and pancreatic cancers highlight the technology’s potential as a multi-cancer test. Including first seed funding in 2019 and recent round two funding, ClinSpec Dx has raised £4 million and is open to a further £1.1m to accelerate development.

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Direction de la Santé

Direction de la santé

The Department of Health has a mission to protect and promote health; to study, monitor, and assess public health measures; ensure legal compliance; implement prevention and health promotion programs; conduct research; advise authorities and communities on public health issues. The Department of Health consists of a medical/technical sector as well as an administrative unit.

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Dynamk Capital@2x

Dynamk Capital

Dynamk Capital is a growth equity and venture fund entirely focused on Life Science Industrials: the services, tools, and technologies that are critical for discovery, development, and manufacturing in biopharma. Dynamk is focused on companies that are developing innovative and disruptive technologies that enable the full biopharma continuum across discovery, development, and manufacturing of therapeutics, biologics, vaccines, and cell & gene therapies. The Dynamk Capital team works to develop collaborative partnerships while leveraging their knowledge and expertise to advance its portfolio of companies.

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For more than 50 years, the people of ECRI have been working to protect patients from unsafe and ineffective medical technologies and practices. Now, with the affiliation of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), ECRI has created one of the largest healthcare quality and safety entities in the world. ECRI and ISMP are proud to serve the healthcare industry, from providers and insurers to government agencies and medical associations. Driven to always dig deeper in pursuit of advancing effective, evidence-based healthcare globally, ECRI is both unique and a trusted voice in healthcare.

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EOS Advisory

EOS Advisory focuses on providing seed funding to ventures based upon strong and innovative science, technology, and engineering. They commit to supporting them through early development and on to the next stage of growth funding, at which point they work with strategic investors to maximize the growth as well as the exit potential.

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Entrepreneurial Scotland Foundation

Entrepreneurial Scotland inspires, develops, and connects talented and ambitious individuals to build Scotland into a leading entrepreneurial society. Their focus is on people: the innovators, changemakers, and pioneers who have the potential to improve society and contribute to Scotland’s economic success. To date, Entrepreneurial Scotland has created over 1300 internships globally, including 200 with life science companies to find, fuel, and spark the next generation of leaders in Scotland. The Saltire Foundation is the charitable arm of Entrepreneurial Scotland, founded with the mission to find, fuel, and spark the next generation of business leaders in Scotland.

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Evolve Biologics

Evolve Biologics is a new kind of biologics company. The company aims to provide technological innovations that advance the possibilities and capabilities across the plasma industry. For the last 75 years, blood plasma proteins have been captured through the same expensive process but Evolve is challenging the status quo, delivering critical plasma-derived therapeutics at higher levels of purity, efficiency, and quality, than ever before.

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Federal Equipment Company

Federal Equipment Company has over 60 years of experience buying and selling used equipment and focuses on pharmaceutical processing, including API manufacturing, oral solid dose, and steriles equipment. The company also facilitates auctions on a global scale, helping sellers to liquidate a broader range of inventory and maximize value. The company's unique position enables fast turnaround, expert service, and competitive cost management.

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Fermion develops, manufactures, and markets active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to companies in the global generic market as well as under exclusive contracts to companies focusing on new chemical entities (NCEs). The company's product portfolio consists of over 30 generic APIs and over 10 NCEs. Fermion is a fully-owned subsidiary of Orion Corporation and headquartered in Espoo, Finland. Together with Orion, they are a fully integrated contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) and offer services covering both drug substances and drug products.

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FirstMed is a clinic based in Budapest, Hungary. It is open daily with a 24/7 on-call service and the option for telemedicine. The clinic offers COVID-19 testing, over 1250 square meters of space, 16 exam rooms, a lab, on-site x-ray, mammography, and an endoscopy center; there are also pediatricians on staff to treat younger patients. FirstMed has been open for 21 years and provides English-language options.

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Fodor Klaudia Law Firm

Dr. Klaudia Franciska Fodor is a Hungarian attorney who works in Hungarian, English, and German. A highly organized lawyer with extensive legal knowledge, Dr. Fodor is an ideal choice for ex-pats, startups, freelancers, and intellectual workers in civil law-related matters such as company law, real estate law, copyright, and performer's/phonograph producer's right (publishing, record label contracts, authorship claims, other legal disputes).

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Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies@2x

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies is a biologics contract manufacturing organization with locations in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, Texas, USA and Billingham, UK. The company has experience in the development and manufacture of recombinant proteins, vaccines and monoclonal antibodies, expressed in a wide array of microbial, mammalian, and insect cell systems. FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies offers a list of services from cell line development using its proprietary system to process development, analytical development, clinical and commercial manufacturing.

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Glasgow Science Centre@2x

Glasgow Science Centre, Scotland

The Glasgow Science Centre (GSC) works with a diverse range of partners from business, academia, and government, fostering long term partnerships to encourage public science literacy and progress of youths into science careers.

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Globyz Biopharma Services

Globyz Biopharma Services is dedicated to sourcing and supplying commercial medicines for analytical research, drug development, clinical trials, or bioequivalence studies across all therapeutic areas. Based on years of experience, the company possesses strong expertise in managing the regulatory, logistics, and supply chain challenges of sourcing, storing, and distributing pharmaceuticals for clinical trials.

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Haig Barrett_logo@2x

Haig Barrett Consulting

Haig Barrett, Inc. facilitates the optimization of innovation, technology, culture, and products to stimulate the growth and profitability of organizations. Its senior expert consultants multiply the force of clients’ teams by offering the data-driven insights and expertise needed to grow your business faster. Working in partnership with clients, Haig Barrett engages in a “co-creative” process in which critical project planning, milestones, budget parameters, and deliverables are created in tandem with clients’ visions and expectations.

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Hogan Healthcare

Hogan Healthcare Limited is a business supply and equipment company based out of Warrington, UK. Established in 2002, it's the first dedicated company to focus on the distribution of foot and ankle implants in Ireland. Through the acquisition and further growth of multinational companies in Ireland, the portfolio has expanded to include upper limb and other specialized extremities over time.


Hotel Gasthof Raunig

The comfortable hotel Raunig is located on the quiet and sunny southern hillside in the heart of the Nockberge mountains and offers a unique panoramic view of the national park Nockberge/Bad Kleinkirchheim. The family Fauland welcomes you year-round, as the hotel can be enjoyed in all seasons, whether you want to enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, or just relax and enjoy the view.

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Inceptor Bio

Inceptor Bio

Inceptor Bio is taking a unique approach to identifying, incubating, and accelerating novel technologies. The company is focused on changing the healthcare landscape by creating 20 companies over 20 years to significantly advance progress for curing cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

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IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC

IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC is a full-service engineering firm dedicated to helping clients succeed with capital projects and improve operations. The company specializes in complex facilities in hi-tech and highly regulated industries, providing knowledge, skill, and passion in the areas of technical consulting, project controls, design and engineering, construction, commissioning, qualification, and validation.

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IntraBio is a biopharmaceutical company with a late-stage drug pipeline that includes novel treatments for genetic and neurodegenerative diseases. With their successful track record of drug development and commercialization, IntraBio’s team translates research in the fields of lysosomal biology, autophagy, and neurology into orphan drugs and treatments that will significantly improve the lives of patients, their caregivers, and families.

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Kemiex is a Swiss-based independent digital solution company that operates a specialized trade and information platform for buyers, traders, and sellers of 5,000 active ingredients (APIs), additives, vitamins, and excipients in human and animal health and nutrition industries. The platform also hosts a private portal for members to securely negotiate with existing partners, and neutral market data and insights for better decision-making.

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Manufacturing Chemist

Manufacturing Chemist is read by more than 25,000 managers, scientists, and engineers working for the world’s leading companies involved in manufacturing and marketing the world’s top-selling biopharma and pharmaceutical prescription, generic and over-the-counter medicines. It brings you up-to-the-minute developments across all areas of the pharma supply chain as well as comprehensive technical articles, market analysis, and insights of those who are shaping the industry daily.

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MGI Latvia

MGI Tech Co., Ltd. (referred to as MGI) is committed to building core tools and technology to lead life science through intelligent innovation. MGI focuses on R&D, production and sales of DNA sequencing instruments, reagents, and related products to support life science research, agriculture, precision medicine and healthcare. MGI is a leading producer of clinical high-throughput gene sequencers, and its multi-omics platforms include genetic sequencing, mass spectrometry, medical imaging, and laboratory automation.

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Minakem is part of the Minafin group, a private French holding company and world leading fine chemical company with a long history of innovation. Minakem is a technology driven company with expertise in complex multi-steps synthesis, pressure chemistry, chiral synthesis, halogenation chemistry, steroid chemistry and “prazole” chemistry. The company has operations in 4 different sites, which are all approved by the U.S. FDA and local health agencies.

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molecular plasma group-1

Molecular Plasma Group

The Molecular Plasma Group (MPG) delivers unique surface functionalization technology. It enables solutions such as MolecularGRIP™ Technology for adhesion improvement, biomolecule immobilization, superhydrophobicity, and hydrophilicity, anti-stick functionalities, and anti-biofouling functionalities. Created in 2016 as a spin-off from two research institutes, the VITO (Belgium) & LIST (Luxembourg), MPG is based in Luxembourg with subsidiaries in Belgium and the UK.

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My Personal Therapeutics

My Personal Therapeutics (MPT) is pioneering personalized cancer therapeutics using a new assay technology. Licensed from the Center for Personalized Cancer Therapeutics at Mt Sinai New York, MPT is launching the world’s most comprehensive, personal genomics-based, block-chain enabled drug screening service. All recommended treatment combinations will include a cancer drug and a non-cancer drug, making treatments less toxic and more affordable. Intelligently designed personalized treatment. Revolutionary cancer care.

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Northway Biotech

Northway Biotech is a flexible biologics CDMO with a facility in the Greater Boston area, a world-leading hub in the field of life sciences research and drug development. Our global teams based in the US and Europe are exceptionally well-versed in all aspects of the biopharmaceutical value chain, from cell line development to commercial production and aseptic fill-finish. Our brand new, state-of-the-art facilities include R&D labs for cell line development, USP and DSP processes establishment, and analytical support.

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Olon is an Italian company involved in the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) using synthesis and biological processes for the generic market as well as in CDMOs. Olon has the capacity to handle complex process technologies, such as fluorination, carbonylation and fermentation, and offers complete, integrated packages, and services to support the full development of APIs.

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OptiBac is a family run business with a passion for health and well-being. The company is dedicated to developing an expert range of natural supplements and work with the most-researched strains in the world.

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OrganoTherapeutics uses cutting-edge human-specific mini-brains for the discovery and development of effective drug candidates targeting Parkinson’s disease. The company screens new molecules on proprietary human-specific mini-brains that represent a faithful imitation of the human Parkinson’s disease pathology. OrganoTherapeutics aims to develop new drug candidates against Parkinson’s disease tested in state-of-the-art 3D patient models. OrganoTherapeutics has developed its proprietary drug candidates and has access to attractive libraries for further screening.

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Pharmaceutics International, Inc. (Pii) is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that has experience with small and large molecule compounds, developing and manufacturing complex parenteral drugs, extended-release formulations, and non-aqueous injectable drug products. Pii’s campus includes four cGMP and FDA certified facilities, 70 manufacturing suites with all the necessary analytical testing capabilities on-site, and four integrated aseptic filling suites delivering quality, safety, and efficiency.

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Polpharma Biologics

Polpharma Biologics is a fast-growing company that develops and manufactures new molecular entities (NMEs) and biosimilars. The company not only creates cell lines and optimizes production processes but also enables the production of biologics on a commercial scale, both for its own products and to provide contract manufacturing services to industry partners around the world.

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PPD Logo PMS 268


PPD is a leading global contract research organization (CRO) providing comprehensive, integrated drug development, laboratory, and lifecycle management services. Their customers include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, academic, and government organizations. With offices in 46 countries and more than 25,000 professionals worldwide, PPD applies innovative technologies, therapeutic expertise, and a firm commitment to quality to help customers bend the cost and time curve of drug development and optimize value in delivering life-changing therapies to improve health.

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Roca Therapeutics

Roca Therapeutics is focused on the development of innovative treatments for ocular diseases. A particular focus of company is the treat of eye issues involving exacerbated angiogenesis and inflammation.



RoosterBio, Inc. is a privately held cell manufacturing platform technology company focused on accelerating the development of a sustainable Regenerative Medicine industry, one customer at a time. RoosterBio's products are high-volume, cost-effective, and well-characterized adult human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (hMSCs) paired with highly engineered media systems. RoosterBio has simplified and standardized how living cells are purchased, expanded, and used in development, leading to time and cost savings for customers.

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Royal Stoke University Hospital (NHS)

Royal Stoke University Hospital is a teaching and research hospital at Hartshill in the English county of Staffordshire. It lies in the city of Stoke-on-Trent, near the border with Newcastle-under-Lyme, and is one of the largest hospitals in the country and a major local employer, with over 6,000 staff.

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RSK-Solutions/RSK Life Science Media was launched in September 2019 and has two main strands: blogging on all things life science on LinkedIn, sharing news and information which is of benefit to the life science community; and consultancy services to help companies and event organizers make the most of their events and marketing on LinkedIn, as well as advice on marketing, media, events, and publishing.



SanaClis is a contract research organization (CRO) offering a comprehensive range of services to support the drug development process in Central and Eastern Europe. The company, founded in 2000, is privately owned and is one of the few service providers offering bedside clinical monitoring, regulatory services, customs brokerage, and warehousing and distribution of clinical trial materials in Ukraine, Georgia, and Russia.

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Sanofi AIS

Sanofi AIS (Active Ingredient Solutions) is the CDMO and API contract manufacturing arm of Sanofi that is fully dedicated to third-party activities, including sales and subcontracting. Sanofi AIS offers a broad range of innovative solutions, including intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) supply, custom synthesis, and API contract manufacturing from small molecules to biologics in the lab, commercial quantities, and pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, as well as regulatory support.

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Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Sartorius Stedim Biotech is a leading provider of cutting-edge products and services for the development, quality assurance and production processes of the biopharmaceutical industry. Its integrated solutions covering fermentation, cell cultivation, filtration, purification, fluid magement and lab technologies are supporting the biopharmaceutical industry around the world to develop and produce drugs safely, timely and economically. Sartorius Stedim Biotech focuses on single-use technologies and value-added services to meet the rapidly changing technology requirements of the industry it serves. Strongly rooted in the scientific community and closely allied with customers and technology partners, the company is dedicated to its philosophy of “turning science into solutions.”

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Screen europe


SCREEN digital solutions continually strive to streamline the printing process while also improving quality and performance, enabling them to maintain their position as a market leader. Their core technologies and specialist knowledge, combined with on-going investment in product development, lead to new advances in both software and hardware, enabling them to supply the print solutions that their customers need.

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SGD Pharma

SGD Pharma is a leading provider of glass pharmaceutical packaging. Formerly part of Saint-Gobain, SGD Pharma has over 100 years of experience in the production of pharmaceutical glass primary packaging and manufactures over eight million vials every day from five plants in France, Germany, India, and China.

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Slovenia Invest

Slovenia Invest is the leading international commercial property advisory in Slovenia that provides a full range of real estate services, including Sales, Acquisitions, Rentals, Tenant Rep, Valuation, Consulting, and Research. Their expertise encompasses office, hospitality, industrial, retail, and specialty properties, and their clients include institutional investors, developers, high net worth individuals, and local financial institutions. Their main objective is to build long-term relationships by always recommending the best course for their clients.

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SOLVO Biotechnology

SOLVO Biotechnology's vision is to be globally recognized as a scientific leader and high-quality provider of products and services in the field of ADME/Tox related transporters. The company mission is to help customers achieve their goals by providing them with products, services, and consulting associated with ADME/Tox related transporters. SOLVO Biotechnology is a Charles River company.

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SPI_Making a Difference Tagline@2x

SPI Pharma

SPI Pharma Services provides formulation innovation and support to pharmaceutical clients in over 55 countries. Its products include antacid actives, excipients, taste-masking, and fast-dissolve technologies, drug delivery systems for tablets, and a variety of other innovations for patient-friendly dosage forms. The company’s functional excipients can be used in a wide range of customer applications, including soft chew, chewable, swallow tablets, lozenges, orally disintegrating tablets, and soft gel dosage forms.

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Talking Medicines-Logo@2x

Talking Medicines

Award-winning Talking Medicines structures the unstructured voice of the patient on launched medicines. They inform pharmaceutical marketing departments on who is really using their medicines and how, and what they think of the brands. Talking Medicines’ real-time insights work within the compliance framework for the sector to replace traditional focus groups and prescriber reports, and to inform clinical profiles.

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Tekno Scienze Srl

Tekno Scienze Srl, or TKS, is a publisher, media agency, and event organizer based in Milan, Italy. TKS publishes a range of journals including Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today, Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech, H&PC Today, Monographics Special Issue, and Show Daily. The company is responsible for organizing events including OPC, CFRT, in-vitality, in-cosmetics global, Making cosmetics, H3I, and Making Pharmaceuticals. There are 96,000 subscribers to TKS publications and generally 3,000 event attendees.

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TriRx Pharmaceuticals

TriRx Pharmaceutical Services (TriRx) is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that serves the global biopharmaceutical market that operates facilities providing state-of-the-art laboratory, manufacturing, packaging, and warehousing capabilities. TriRx has the technical expertise and a multifaceted understanding of customer needs. This depth of understanding and commitment provides TriRx with the knowledge to deliver exceptional service while consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

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The Brain Tumour Charity

The Brain Tumour Charity is at the forefront of the fight to defeat brain tumours, making a difference every day to the lives of people with a brain tumour and their families. The company funds pioneering research to increase survival, raise awareness of the symptoms and effects of brain tumours, and provide support for everyone affected to improve quality of life.

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TrakCel’s cloud-based software delivers personalized processes and workflows for every participant in the supply chain, allowing cell and gene therapy owners to safely manage and scale with confidence. TrakCel’s fully configurable platform effectively and efficiently orchestrates your advanced therapy supply chain — ensuring safe, scalable, and affordable products. TrakCel delivers the visibility and control required to safely manage cell, gene, and immunotherapies through clinical trials to global commercial success.

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Vectura was established in 1997 to identify and develop opportunities in drug formulation and delivery. Vectura has evolved into a product development company that focuses on the development of pharmaceutical therapies for airways diseases. With extensive range of technologies, capabilities, and collaborations, Vectura believe they can become a leader in the development of inhalation products, increasing their ability to help patients suffering from respiratory diseases worldwide.

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WeHealth by Servier

WeHealth by Servier, the e-Health business unit of the Servier Group, launched in November 2016. The company aims to improve the daily life of patients and health professionals alike using digital means. In an open and innovative approach, WeHealth by Servier identifies the most promising start-ups in e-health, in France and internationally, to co-develop solutions. In this way, WeHealth by Servier contributes to the creation of an ecosystem of partners to facilitate and accelerate the development, industrialization, and distribution of innovations and to make them more accessible.

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Yourway is an integrated biopharmaceutical supply chain solutions provider offering a full range of primary and secondary clinical packaging, logistics, storage, and distribution services for the global pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with additional strategic locations worldwide, Yourway specializes in time- and temperature-sensitive clinical drug product and biological sample shipments. Yourway is a flexible and reliable logistics partner committed to the safe, efficient, and on-time delivery of clients’ high-value, high-priority clinical materials.

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