Issue Q2 2020

The Next-Generation Issue

Coping With

Our second quarter edition spans trending topics across pharma, with a focus on industry responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the development and manufacturing of new therapies and vaccines to address COVID-19 and ways to maintain and optimize supply chains and clinical trials.

Also in This Issue


Rethinking Pharma’s Responsibilities in a Time of Crisis

TriRx Chairman and CEO Tim Tyson reevaluates the responsibilities of different pharma stakeholders during pandemic times.

Nice Insight Overview

Drug Approval Trends: Significant Acceleration in Recent Years

Nigel Walker analyzes trends in recent U.S. FDA approvals to forecast what to expect in the coming years.

Industry Leader Insight

Accelerating COVID-19 Programs with Comprehensive Support from Cell Line to Commercial Production at a Single Site

Magnus Schroeder, Ph.D., discusses the company's capabilities for integrated support of COVID-19 programs.


Delivering Breakthrough Medicines for Rare Hematologic Diseases and Cancers

FORMA Therapeutics CEO Frank D. Lee walks us through FORMA's transformation into an integrated biopharma company.

Secure Validated Shipping

The Essentiality of Transportation to the Pharma Industry

The essentiality of transportation to the pharma industry is even more evident during times of crisis, according to Boyle Transportation's Andrew T. Boyle.

Fill-Finish Services

Avara Liscate: High Standards and Expertise in Sterile Manufacturing

Andrea Baiocchi, Vice President and Site Director for Avara's Liscate, Italy site, provides an overview of the facility's sterile capabilities.


Common Challenges and Solutions of Equipment Ownership and Use

Federal Equipment Company's COO and Counsel Matt Hicks highlights key but often overlooked considerations in ownership of manufacturing equipment.


Positioning a CDMO to Meet Future Needs

Tyler Kerr, James Balog, and Andrew Waaso discuss how Albemarle FCS invests proactively to anticipate the future needs of its clients.


Selecting a Microbiome CDMO Partner for the Long Term

Dave Stevens and Jason Rahal discuss how Arranta Bio supports clinical and commercial manufacturing of live biotherapeutic products.


Creating Value through Best Practices Across a Global, Integrated Service Provider

Jeffrey Butler, Ph.D., discusses how SK pharmteco has created an integrated company built around core competencies and centers of excellence and how the company is addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research Innovation

Leveraging Innovative Technologies to Access Better Data More Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

Early adoption of innovative technologies drives efficient and cost-effective research services, say Lorraine Rusch, Ph.D., and J. Fred Pritchard, Ph.D.


Molecules that Changed Medicine

The Pharma's Almanac editorial team looks back at some of the drug molecules that have had the greatest impact.

Aseptic Manufacturing

Aseptic Manufacturing with State-of-the-Art Technologies

Kurt Nielsen, Ph.D., President and CEO of Pii, highlights the company's recent investments in innovative aseptic manufacturing solutions.

Antibody–Drug Conjugates

Linking Novel Medicines to Patients with Hard-to-Treat Cancers for Improved Quality of Life

Usama Malik and Loretta Itri, M.D., explain how Immunomedics has built a differentiated ADC platform using a proprietary linker and some unique targets.


Solving Unmet Clinical Needs by Harnessing the Science of Aging

Alkahest is harnessing chronokines to address neurodegenerative and other aging-related diseases.

Cancer Therapies

Computational Discoveries for Clinical Development of Novel Cancer Therapies

A combination of computational drug discovery expertise and drug development capabilities has helped Compugen establish a robust immuno-oncology pipeline.


Redesigning Organisms as Metabolism Architects

Abolis Biotechnologies explain how combining metabolic and chemical engineering facilitates efficient production of a range of products.

Drug Repositioning

A Therapeutic Strategy for Neurological Disorders

Franck Mouthon and Mathieu Charveriat, Ph.D., discuss how Theranexus's unique focus on both neurons and astrocytes presents new therapeutic possibilities for neurological disorders.


Leveraging the Native Immune Response to Fight Cancer

NeoTx CEO and founder Asher Nathan explains how the company is using the native immune response to fight cancer.


Applying the Principles of Immunotherapy to Infectious Diseases

Jeffrey Stein, Ph.D., President and CEO of Cidara Therapeutics, highlights the company's bispecific immunotherapy platform for antiviral vaccines.

Novel Antibiotics

Applying a Synthetic Approach to the Development of a New Generation of Antibiotics

James Graham discusses Recce's unique polymeric approach to the development of a new class of antibiotics designed to overcome traditional limitations.


Using a Natural Molecular Warning System to Fight Cancer and Infectious Diseases

Jeff Wolf explains how Heat Biologics is leveraging a natural warning system to develop an immune platform to target both cancers and infectious diseases.

In Conversation

In Conversation: Novel Off-The-Shelf Targeted Cell Therapies

Acepodia's proprietary Antibody-Cell Conjugation technology allows the development of target cell therapies without the need for genetic engineering.


Epigenetic Regulation to Treat Acute Organ Injury and Chronic Liver Diseases

James E. Brown, President and CEO of DURECT Corporation, discusses the potential of epigenetic regulation in the treatment of organ injury and liver diseases.

Endocrine Diseases

Developing Transformative Treatments for Rare Endocrine Diseases

Dopamine-somatostatin chimeric compounds show tremendous promise in treating rare endocrine disorders, according to Abraham N. Ceesay, CEO of Tiburio Therapeutics.

Cancer and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Leveraging the Cell Cytoskeleton for the Treatment of Cancer and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Maurice Zauderer discusses why Vaccinex has focused on the disassociation of cellular cytoskeletons to target cancers and neurodegenerative diseases.


Investing at the Intersection of Industrial Manufacturing and Healthcare

David Q. Anderson discusses Ampersand Capital Partners' success in investing in companies in the intersection between healthcare and industrial manufacturing.


COVID-19 and Europe: Driving Nationalism Rather than Solidarity

Nice Insight's TJ Ladage explores the mosaic of COVID-19 responses across Europe.


Innovative Biomaterials Facilitate Novel Medical Devices

Secant Group is developing innovative, bioresorbable textiles to support the next generation of medical devices.

Road to 2021

Exploring the Future of Healthcare in 25 Countries in 25 Days

That's Nice plans a 25-country trans-European trip to investigate the future of healthcare.

The Future of Healthcare

How is Globyz Biopharma Services Innovating through the Pandemic and Beyond to Define the Future of Healthcare?

Globyz Biopharma Services is investing in facilities and temperature-controlled capabilities to become a leading one-stop shop for global comparator sourcing.

The Future of Healthcare

How is Olon Innovating through the Pandemic and Beyond to Define the Future of Healthcare?

The development of innovative and original technology platforms is one of Olon's main drivers as a CDMO supplying APIs to pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

The Future of Healthcare

How is Polpharma Biologics Innovating through the Integration of Advanced Cell Line Development Capabilities to Help Shape the Future of Healthcare?

The integration of Bioceros’ capabilities into Polpharma Biologics expands the support for client projects from concept through commercial manufacturing.

The Future of Healthcare

How is TriRx Innovating through the Pandemic and Beyond to Define the Future of Healthcare?

TriRx is seeking new innovations to improve operations and has already incorporated robotics, serialization, and cloud-based enterprise resource planning.

The Future of Healthcare

How is Federal Equipment Company Innovating through the Pandemic and Beyond to Define the Future of Healthcare?

Federal Equipment Company leveraged past crisis planning to transition to new operational models during the pandemic without interruptions to their service.

The Future of Healthcare

How is SPI Pharma Innovating through the Pandemic and Beyond to Define the Future of Healthcare?

SPI Pharma continues to develop new product innovations while maintaining a focus on their customers' customers, patients.

The Future of Healthcare

How is SGD Pharma Innovating through the Pandemic and Beyond to Define the Future of Healthcare?

Innovation at SGD Pharma focuses on increasing patient safety, convenience, flexibility, and additional value to targeted therapies while reducing costs.

The Future of Healthcare

How is Pii Innovating through the Pandemic and Beyond to Define the Future of Healthcare?

Pii continually monitors evolving industry trends and technical innovations to proactively develop solutions and services to overcome potential issues.

The Future of Healthcare

How is SanaClis Innovating through the Pandemic and Beyond to Define the Future of Healthcare?

SanaClis had crisis contingency plans that enabled the company to ensure the safety of clinical trial participants without interrupting ongoing trials.

The Future of Healthcare

How is Avara Innovating through the Pandemic and Beyond to Define the Future of Healthcare?

Avara’s mission is to provide world-class outsourcing services to help deliver life-changing and life-saving medicines to the patients who need them.

Coping with COVID-19

COVID-19: Understanding the Virus, the Pandemic, and the Path Forward

The Pharma’s Almanac team tackles the nature of SARS-CoV-2, development of therapeutics and vaccines, and the broader impacts.

Patient Centricity

Driving More Effective Medicine by Listening to Patients

Jo Halliday and Elizabeth Fairley discuss the Talking Medicines' innovative platform designed to capture the patient voice and incorporated it into pharma decision-making.

Comparator Sourcing

Evolving Needs for Comprehensive Clinical Comparator Sourcing Strategies

Globyz Biopharma Services' Salman Pathan and Hector Oyarzun discuss how the increasing complexity of clinical trials demands comprehensive comparator sourcing strategies.


The Power of Digital Transformation

Wayne Hull, Global Chief Digital and Technology Officer for PCI Services, relates the company's recent digital transformation and the benefits already seen.

Depth Filtration

Robust Harvest Clarification for Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors via Depth Filtration

MilliporeSigma's Thomas Parker, Youness Cherradi, Ph.D., Claire Scanlan, and Elina Gousseinov discuss how depth filtration optimizes clarification of AAVs.


Essentials of an Industry-Leading CDMO Partner for Highly Potent Projects

Brian Haney, Ph.D., Director of Technical Operations at AMRI, explains the range of capabilities and services required to support highly potent programs.

Cell Therapies

A Personalized Cell Therapy Chain Management Platform

Matthew Lakelin discusses TrakCel's cloud-based, personalized cell therapy orchestration platform.


What’s Next for the Supply Chain Post-Pandemic

Nice Insight's Gwenaël Servant, Ph.D., predicts some of the changes we will see in pharma supply chains following the COVID-19 pandemic.


Q: What is your perspective on how the pharma industry has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic? What lessons have been learned?

A panel of SMEs discusses the industry's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Q: What two or three drug molecules do you identify as having had the greatest impact on society? What about on the pharmaceutical industry?

A range of experts share their views on the most impactful drug molecules in the industry's history.


Regulating Clinical Trials in Pandemic Times

We succinctly walk through the main takeaways from the FDA's recent guidance on clinical trials during the pandemic.

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