Exploring the Future of Healthcare in 25 Countries in 25 Days

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Road to 2021

From the same team that brought you The Road To BIO in 2017, The Road To 2021 is a new adventure. As we did on The Road To BIO across America, we will be discovering the future of healthcare — only this time on a 7,000+ mile journey around Europe, visiting 25 countries in just 25 days.

Exploring the Future of Healthcare

At That’s Nice, we are constantly investigating the current landscape of health and disease, drug discovery efforts, and the ability of the industry to provide innovative therapies to support patients. Our Nice Insight team is constantly performing market research to assess where the industry is and to predict where it is going, and Pharma’s Almanac interacts with key opinion leaders across the industry to gain their unique thought leadership insights. The agency as a whole is constantly reading trade and scientific literature, attending trade shows and webinars, and doing all that we can to stay on top of the trends that will shape the future of health and healthcare.

However, despite all these and other resources, there is always a human tendency to filter information from a somewhat parochial perspective: one’s own city and country, particular industry emphasis, and scientific expertise and interests. We recognize that the industry as a whole has a bias toward innovation as a driver of future trends, but a fuller understanding of present and coming needs and the diversity of resources, ideas, and business models across the world can be equally important.

We are always seeking novel and innovative ways to break down these barriers and find new sources of first-hand information to broaden our understanding of the health concerns around the world and the ways in which the industry is or isn’t prepared to address them.

For That’s Nice’s Silver Jubilee year, we are looking to expand our understanding of health and healthcare in Europe, not only on the level of pharma companies, CDMOs, and CROs serving the continent, but through deeper engagement with the mosaic of European communities and healthcare systems. We will be doing so through Nice Insight projects, dedicated content in Pharma’s Almanac, and through our Road to 2021 road trip, where we plan to visit 25 countries in 25 days and interact with both healthcare companies and the general public.

Trip Concept 

  • The trip will take place over 25 days this fall.

  • We plan to travel approximately 7,000 miles, zigzagging across the continent visiting leading healthcare companies and exploring the mosaic of cultures.

  • A team of five will visit 25 European countries in three vehicles — including a new model Lamborghini.

  • We will interact with sponsor companies, national authorities, NGOs, and regional communities to discuss and explore health in Europe and the future of healthcare.

  • Our crew will shoot video interviews with 25 sponsor companies in advance, with lots more footage and content captured during the trip.

Understanding The Present And Future Of European Healthcare

  • Has there been a truly significant scientific discovery in every one of these countries in the last few decades?

  • Which country is innovating the most and improving the quality of life?

  • Across the continent, is there variation in the sources of innovative technologies among big pharma companies, biotech startups, and academic laboratories?

  • What are the primary health concerns in each country, and are the individual health systems set up in a sensible way to address those concerns?

  • On a epidemiological level, do changes in risk factors and primary health threats reflect the priorities of the local healthcare systems? Where are the most profound disparities?

  • Where is there the greatest need for scientific human resources, and where is there an underserved surplus of qualified candidates?

Answering Questions On The Road

  • One of the primary goals of the trip is to engage in dialogues that expand our understanding of health, healthcare, and the pharma industry in Europe.

  • We will be conducting interviews with the CEOs and leadership of a range of European pharma companies, CDMOs, CROs, and other service providers.

  • We plan to conduct these interviews in dynamic locations — such as a famous landmark, or experiencing the local flavor at a favorite café or street food vendor. Think of the trip format as the pharma version of the Netflix hit Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

  • Interviews will air on Pharma’s Almanac TV.

  • We will also be conducting person-on-thestreet interviews with individuals that we encounter on the trip to see how the industry’s sense of the healtcare landscape in a given country aligns with the general population.

25 Years of That’s Nice

The trip will underscore all of the work that we do at That’s Nice, including the philosophical approach we bring to all client projects, providing a strong bookend for this first quarter-century of the agency and a guide for our role supporting the future of the pharma industry. In 2020, all of our campaigns are focused on the number 25: 25 logos, 25 thought leadership campaigns, 25 molecules that changed the industry, 25 market research projects, and here, 25 countries and 25(+) conversations. The trip will serve as a manifestation of all the work our team does every day, but sketched on a much larger canvas: the map of Europe.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsor the whole trip, or lock in exclusive sponsorship of your country or technology/service. To learn more, please visit our website. www.pharmasalmanac.com/roadto2021

Nigel Walker

Mr. Walker is the founder and managing director of That’s Nice LLC, a research-driven marketing agency with 20 years dedicated to life sciences. Nigel harnesses the strategic capabilities of Nice Insight, the research arm of That’s Nice, to help companies communicate science-based visions to grow their businesses. Mr. Walker earned a bachelor’s degree in graphic design with honors from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, England.