Icon_Moon.svg The Road to BIO: Day 6

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Georgia /// Mississippi

Before we hit the road this morning, we made one more stop in Atlanta to speak with Emory University’s Director of Technology Transfer, Todd Sherer, about Emory’s track record of biopharmaceutical innovation, and how the Office of Technology Transfer is helping to get promising therapeutics to patients. 

Breaking Barriers (& Bumpers)

Mississippi or bust! We are Jackson-bound in what is expected to be a tough afternoon of driving through some arduous terrain. Even in central Alabama, the ridges of the Appalachian Mountain range create a coarse and hilly road that our low-sitting Lamborghini — and even our elevated support RV — might have some trouble scaling. That, combined with the traffic pattern along the “Bloody 20” we referenced in this morning’s post, may make for a rough ride!


Mississippi BBQ Trail

We’re headed for the state capital of Jackson this evening, where the road crew is hoping to dig into some of this award-winning barbeque we keep hearing about. 
Our signature Road to BIO vehicle of transport is pictured in front of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia

Todd Sherer, PhD, Associate VP Research Admin & Executive Director of Emory University’s Office of Technology Transfer, was kind enough to take some time to share his expertise with us on the Road to BIO
Our time at Emory University was incredibly valuable on our Road to BIO, as we learned what will fuel future innovation in biopharmaceutical development

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We’ll check back in tomorrow morning from Mississippi with more #RoadtoBIO
updates on our journey toward #BIO2017