Icon_Moon.svg The Road to BIO: Day 9

Friday, June 16, 2017

We’re clocking our highest mileage day on the Road to BIO, with a goal of 510 miles from Houston to Fort Stockton, a historic city located off of Highway 10 in Texas. 

Flexibility on the Road to BIO

Our original course did not take us as far south as Houston before cutting across the state, but an opportunity to stop by Lamborghini Houston yesterday evening for an auto health check and secure overnight storage was too important to miss, even though it meant we had to re-map the last three days of the journey. It equated to how things can change in drug development and the flexibility that’s required. 


We’re bound tomorrow for El Paso, where sadly we’ll lose one of our road warriors, That's Nice Business Logistics Manager Albert Bruan, who has been key in making this entire initiative possible.

El Paso will be the second time on the Road to BIO that we’ve found ourselves in multiple places at once. The border city is rich in bio—specifically, biofuel, and the city’s commitment to renewable energy is not only helping to improve the environment, but is also reducing reliance on foreign fuel, creating jobs and boosting the U.S. economy.  

Far different from the arid landscape we were expecting, our journey through Texas has been more vibrant than we could have imagined!

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We’ll check back in tomorrow morning from — you guessed it — Texas #RoadtoBIO 
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