Feels Like a Day at the Beach

Icon_Moon.svg The Road to BIO: Day 11

Sunday, June 18, 2017
Arizona /// California

As the temperature continues to climb to its expected peak of 108 degrees in Tucson, we’re leaving the desert behind and fast-tracking toward the Pacific Coast. The next time we see the ocean on the Road to BIO, it won’t be a mirage — it will be our long-awaited destination!

We’re Actually Gonna Do This

Assuming we’re still on the Road to BIO, then we’ve actually done it. We arrive in southern California today, on the 11th afternoon of our epic trip that started out in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We’ve covered 18 states and that puts us in a brilliant state of mind. In industry terms, we’ve commercialized our drug, though there’s still phase IV at #BIO2017. The Lamborghini that has carried us here will be on display at our booth #1019 so we hope to see you this week. Thank you to everyone who has followed us, sponsored us, and those we’ve met along the way. It’s not over yet though  more updates tomorrow before the show.


Thursday / Friday Recap

Thursday started off in Irving, Texas with a dip in the pool before heading to our first interview of the day with Celanese, where we learned about the company’s innovations in drug delivery systems and material science. Despite a wrong turn en route to the facility, we made it in time for what turned out to be a productive, insightful interview. From there, we headed south through Dallas sprawl on our way to College Station, where we found our next sponsor, G-CON Manufacturing, an innovator of autonomous cleanroom PODs. The heat was unfortunately oppressive, and so our setting was G-CON’s air-conditioned manufacturing space (no complaints from the road trip team there). From “CStat,” we took the scenic route down Highway 6 to Lamborghini Houston, where we parked the car overnight and received a much needed tune-up on Friday morning. We spent the remainder of Friday discovering the surprisingly vibrant landscape of Houston, and snapped a few graffiti shots with the Lamborghini and crew. We ended the day in Fort Stockton, Texas, a city that felt to us like being in the Wild West. 

We dropped by Celanese in Irving, Texas on Thursday, where we learned about the company’s innovations in drug delivery systems and material science

G-CON's Sid Backstrom shared with us the benefits of autonomous cleanroom PODs during an interview at the company's College Station, Texas headquarters 

R2B_TN_0618_PM6.jpgThe Lamborghini is pictured at a ranch in Houston, Texas 
A big thanks to Lamborghini Houston for helping to fuel our journey toward BIO 2017 with a much needed mid-way service check

R2B_TN_0618_PM4.jpgWe added to the vibrant landscape as we made our way through the colorful streets of Houston

R2B_TN_0618_PM5.jpgColors of Houston

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We’ll check back in tomorrow morning from California with more #RoadtoBIO 
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