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Speed to market

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Speed to Market

Product and Service Concepts Driving Speed to Market

Road To BIO

Road To BIO: Coming Soon To Your Screen Q4 2018

That’s Nice is producing a film based on the Road To BIO, for release in 2017. Watch the teaser trailer to get a taster of all the behind-the-scenes stories, character insights, and what went into the project.

Drug Discovery

Bio-Rad on the Road to BIO: Accelerating Discovery to Improve Lives

Steven Blakely, Global Director of Marketing, Drug Discovery & Development Business, Bio-Rad. View more about Bio-Rad on the Road to BIO.



Kristine Senft on the Road to BIO: Driving Growth Through Communication, Transparency & Agility

Kristine K. Senft, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sales and Marketing Executive.

Modular Design

G-CON on the Road to BIO: Managing Mobility, Flexibility & Risk With Modular Design

Michael Katsis, Director of Business Development and Sidney Backstrom, Executive Director of Business Management, G-CON Manufacturing, Inc. View more about G-CON Manufacturing, Inc. on the Road to BIO. 

Road to BIO

The Road To BIO: Day 12 California

See the end of the road as far as the Road To BIO is concerned, as we pull into the San Diego Convention Center! Hear crew views on how the 12 days has taken its toll.


Road to BIO

The Road To BIO: Day 11 Arizona /// California

Join us for the penultimate day of our journey, as we do our last interview in Tucson and clearly hallucinate in the scorching heat of the Arizona desert before realizing our dream in California.


Road to BIO

The Road To BIO: Day 10 Texas /// Arizona

The second to last day of the Road to BIO had us kicking up dust and bidding farewell to one of our road warriors in El Paso. View footage from day 10 of our journey from El Paso to Tucson. 

Road to BIO

The Road To BIO: Day 9 Texas

Day 9 of our journey ended better than we could have imagined as we made our way from Houston to Fort Stockton, Texas. View highlights from our journey—and the Divide Volunteer Fire Department’s charity cookout — on the Road to BIO 2017.

Road to BIO

The Road To BIO: Day 8 Texas

Cannonballs in the pool, excipients in biologics and cleanroom PODs in Aggieland. Join us for a lot of learning — and a bit of fun — on the Road to BIO day 8.  

Road to BIO

The Road To BIO: Day 7 Mississippi /// Texas

Join us on day 7 of our journey as we cruise through Mississippi, Louisiana and across the Texas border, stopping along the way to discover a bit about our nation’s history at the Vicksburg National Military Park.

Road to BIO

The Road To BIO: Day 6 Georgia /// Mississippi

Day 6 of the Road to BIO took us from Atlanta, Georgia to Jackson, Mississippi, with plenty of bio and BBQ in between. Hop in!


The Move Towards Modularity

George Walker, Executive Director, AES Clean Technology 


Moving the Industry Forward

David Shenberger, Vice President, North America, Commissioning Agents, Inc. | CAI Consulting