Icon_Moon.svg The Road to BIO: Day 1

Thursday, June 8, 2017
Massachusetts /// New York

We're nearly back where we started, which in our case, is actually a good thing! Among the many things we discovered today on the Road to BIO was the story of the 'seven sisters,' a collection of young bioscience firms formed in Connecticut two decades ago that would later establish the state as a hub for bioscience innovation.

Early Discoveries

We hit the road early this morning (5am early) for our first meeting with David Kudla, General Manager for Unither North America, at Boston Common Park, where a passerby walked right into the shot and made for a bit of a laugh. The shoot went well for our first at bat, and we had several passersby enjoying the Lamborghini as we collected our belongings.

From there, we made our way to M+W Group’s Boston office, which was only a mile or two from the park, but par for the course, we (Steve Kuehn and myself, that is) unintentionally took the scenic route. Once we arrived, we met with M+W’s VP of Life Science Facility Design, Peter Cramer, and the M+W team came down to take some photos with the glitter-wrapped Lamborghini.

Back to the Big Apple

The three-vehicle Road to BIO convoy is heading toward New York by way of Connecticut after a chat with Bill Pasek, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer for Avara. With the exception of a broken windshield wiper, we’re moving right along on the early stage of our journey — from target to lead, one might say — and have already learned quite a bit along the way. We’ll pick up our journey in the morning, when we’ll kick off a six-state trek down the northeast corridor.

We’ll check back in tomorrow morning from New York with more #RoadtoBIO updates on our journey toward #BIO2017In the meantime, check out today's sponsor on the Road to BIO, M+W Group.

David Kudla, General Manager, North America for Unither Pharmaceuticals discusses the Road to BIO with the That's Nice team after an early morning interview at Boston Common Park 

Peter Cramer, VP of Life Science Facility Design for M+W, and Nigel Walker, Founder and Managing Director for That's Nice, pose for a post-interview photo op outside M+W's Boston office

That's Nice Founder & Managing Director, Nigel Walker, poses for an aerial shot with the Lamborghini

Wei Gao, That's Nice Accounts Director & Partner, is pictured here managing our first (minor) barrier on the Road to BIO, a broken windshield wiper. 

A group gathers for a photo op with the Lamborghini at a Massachusetts rest stop.

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