Issue Q4 2016

The Role of Innovative Technologies

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INNOVATION: Creating Solutions for Healthcare’s Ambitious Agenda

A new trend in lab automation is to fully automate drug-discovery workflows through “robotic researchers” that apply advanced machine learning & artificial intelligence.

Two Promising Small-Molecule Orphan Drugs in Clinical Trials

In the realm of chemical modalities, small molecules have consistently been a lucky charm, though the majority are still unexplored.

A Foundation of Innovation

New technologies are continually being introduced to improve the efficiency and productivity of discovery, development and manufacturing activities.

Q: What New Technology Introduced Within the Last Year Have You Found to Have the Most Impact on Your Business?

Large pharmaceutical companies are shifting to more targeted therapies, realising that the limited number of dosage forms don’t support all patient profiles.

A New Industry Think Tank Forum for Leaders of Outsourced Services and Customers

The new Nice Symposium offers pharmaceutical professionals a place to come together to facilitate communication and in-depth knowledge

This Just In

Get the latest industry news, including acquistions, mergers and innovative new technologies generating a buzz in pharma.

Finding The Ideal Partner for Your Next Biotherapeutic

A bioprocessing facility, capable of handling the development and manufacturing of complex biotherapeutics, can cost anywhere from $50M to $650M.

The Importance of Flexibility: Competitive Solutions in an Era of Innovation

In this era of innovation, drug makers expect equipment manufacturers to provide much more than just machinery, they expect comprehensive solutions.

Designing Effective Drug Formulations: Keys to Successful Proof of Concept Services

Outsourcing to CDMOs that can take a project from the proof of concept stage all the way through to commercialization is increasing.

Supply Chain Management and the Importance of Security of Supply

Opening lines of communication along the entire supply chain CDMOs can possibly predict shortages in advance. advance.

A Look at Recent Pharma Industry Innovations

Advances in combinatorial chemistry are leading to the discovery of novel, highly complex and efficacious active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Better Design, Better Outcomes, Better Economics

To move past "Fee-for-Service" FFS, public and private healthcare payers are experimenting with new provider payment models and other alternatives for care.

Cultivating a Proactive Quality Culture

The success of every company developing and producing finished drug product, APIs, excipients or raw materials is dependent on quality effort.

Dry-Powder Inhalation Formulation: Balancing Performance and Manufacturability

Composite particles are receiving increased attention as an attractive alternative to carrier-based formulations including peptides & proteins, as DPI therapies.

Design Logic

Capsugel: Evolving A Strong Brand

The recently launched campaign “Engineering Medicines to Life” is designed to amplify Capsugel's position as a differentiated, specialty CDMO partner.

Capsugel’s Transformation: Q&A with Guido Driesen

When a brand is heavily associated with one historical service line, it can require a shock strategy to elicit recognition of change.

Pharmaceutical Packaging: Differentiation Equates to Brand Loyalty

Nice Insight's virtual panelists share their thoughts about the integral role that safer, simpler and smarter packaging plays in a compound's success.

Q: What is Your Perception of the State of Serialization in Your Sector of the Pharma Industry?

Serialization is complex and, with different country legislations having different requirements, serialization systems need to be configurable.

Nice Insight Launches 2017 Study Season

The 2017 Nice Insight surveys include Private Equity/Venture Capital, Clinical Supply Chain & Intermediates in addition to CDMO, CRO, Equipment & Excipients.

Nice Insight’s Content Community Goes Live Online | An Industry Portal for Data, Knowledge, Thought Leadership and Opinion

Pharma’s Almanac online, in conjunction with Nice Digital, offers the opportunity to create inbound, online marketing strategies with relevant content.

Perspectives on Product Pricing Strategy and Practice

Price optimization is crucial for a business seeking to boost its bottom line - raising a company’s annual revenue by up to 2%.

Speed-to-Market: Process and Capacity on Demand

As the product manufacturing industry has evolved, organisations rely on outsourcing, managing risk by fostering closer relationships with strategic partners.

New Strategies Required to Meet Changing Needs in the Analytical Services Market

Manufacturers seeking analytical testing service providers look for quality in terms of technical performance as well as with respect to regulatory compliance.

Equipment Redeployment’s Strategic Role

Although CDMOs are playing a more strategic role in pharma’s supply chain, most major drug companies continue to field multiple manufacturing sites. market.

Advancing Patient-Centric Parenteral Drug Strategies

Parenterally administered drugs will remain the delivery option of choice, especially in the era of biologics.

Q: What Are You Doing to Become a Premier Outsourcing Partner in the Context of FDA’s Recent Shift to a Focus on Quality Culture Rather than Just Metrics?

In order for their clients to maintain a healthy quality culture, companies should have a sound not be afraid to address their uncertainties.

Achieving Successful Treatment Outcomes Through the Delivery of Manufacturing Services

State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities increasingly play a role in the ability of drug manufacturers to get life changing treatments to patients.

Transforming the Pharmaceutical Industry Pipeline with In Silico Approaches

Although the development of computational models to aid drug discovery has become integral, these models often fail to produce the expected impact.

Achieving Continuous Downstream Bioprocessing

The rapid growth of biopharmaceuticals and increasing upstream production yield has imposed substantial pressure to the existing downstream processing capacity.

Seeking Quality Deals: Consolidation and Acquisition

Pharmaceutical companies looking to attract venture capital need to have products at a reasonable stage of development and a nearly complete management team.

Rx-360: An Industry Group Like No Other

Rx-360 is open-minded, transparent and collaborative with an important goal of protecting the patient and working to stop criminals.

Meeting Unmet Patient Needs with Small-Volume APIs

Increasingly potent, targeted therapies are, in particular, attracting attention due to their greater efficacy at lower doses and with reduced side effects.

Shaping the Conversation – Bringing Voice & Value

Pharma’s Almanac has brought 66 industry-contributing company articles and 35 Nice Insight reports to press in six supplements in our first year.

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