Shaping the Conversation – Bringing Voice & Value

Originally born of a discussion about our Nice Insight research (now going into our eighth year) and how we could align our customers’ voices in an open forum, we published our first supplement under American Pharmaceutical Review in the spring of 2015.

As of this print issue, we have had the honor of bringing 66 industry-contributing company articles and 35 Nice Insight research reports and pieces to press in six supplements, now celebrating a first full calendar year in print. So, “wow,” content is certainly in high demand, and we have been thrilled and delighted to help bring so much to the conversation. 

Growing both organically, being challenged to stretch the limits of content in our heavily technical realm, and strategically, to build a viable content enterprise, our editorial guidelines are simple:

  1. Be informative and fact-based
  2. Speak from experience and knowledge
  3. Address current needs and advances in the industry

The entire Nice Insight team has shown outstanding dedication to Pharma’s Almanac in providing the research our pharma-biotech sponsors are looking for, especially regarding outsource resources, to meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s market.

Likewise, supplier company contributions to the dialogue have been compelling and insightful, sharing many diverse aspects of the global supply chain. Thank you! You are the true thought leaders who are shaping the conversation. Among the many things we have learned about the demands of you, our pharma-biotech customers — who we support in bringing experimental, novel, reformulated and proven medicines to patients — is that there is an expectation to come to the table with innovation of every kind.

Whether advances in targeted drug screening, advances in chemical synthesis, continuous manufacturing, greater downstream processing, better capsulation technology, cold chain solutions or automated clinical trials/data management, or more partnership-minded service, at-risk deal structuring, dedicated manufacturing capacity, accelerated analytical services and more, this is the time to step up and be part of the emerging new age of healthcare solutions.

Nice Insight has enjoyed providing content to many editorial and media partners, and we hope to continue to do so — there is so much to share and learn. It has been exciting to see the rise of the content movement that covers everything from global regulatory alignment to advances in discovery possibilities and expanded efficiency in manufacturing of both small- and large-molecule compounds.

With this printing, we have also evolved our digital platform to engage more individuals in Nice Insight’s Content Community through the launch of Please join us online for even more content-driven insights, discussion and learning.

We welcome you to enjoy this issue of the Pharma’s Almanac supplement!


Guy Tiene

Guy supports the success of life science organizations by identifying synergies across research, content, marketing and communications resources to drive value for clients. With over 30 years of education and marketing experience and 18 years in the life sciences alone, Guy leads our editorial standards for client content, Pharma’s Almanac and Nice Insight research-based industry content as well as external communications for clients. Having served as head of global marketing and communications for a CMO, he also brings critical insight and guidance to all communications. Guy holds a Masters degree from Columbia University.