Concentrating on Core OSD & Sterile Capabilities for Assured Client Success

With a solid base of oral solid dose and sterile manufacturing and packaging expertise that includes four state-of-the-art facilities delivering two billion patient doses annually, Avara Pharmaceutical Services has refocused to leverage its core capabilities and deliver reliable world-class outsourcing.

Agile Company, Firm Commitment

Avara Pharmaceutical Services is a nimble, global contract manufacturing partner with the bandwidth to be uniquely attentive to every client. A client relationship team (CRT), led by a client relationship leader (CRL), is assigned to each project immediately. The team manages the overall client relationship, providing tailored support and building trust via open and transparent communications.

Technical Knowledge

In addition to one of the most experienced leadership teams among top contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs), Avara boasts highly motivated, professional, dedicated, and diverse people with extensive business and technical knowledge. Although the company is still young, many members of the Avara team have decades of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Rapid Commercialization Support

With its current capacities and capabilities, Avara is ideally positioned to serve as a commercialization partner for a wide range of pharma companies — our seasoned operations team gets projects up and running very quickly.

Avara supports virtual, small, and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies that lack the equipment and resources to implement clinical and validation batches. For pharma companies unsatisfied with the quality of service they are receiving from their current contract manufacturer, Avara is ready to attentively support their projects with a focus on delivery and quality. Avara is also an excellent partner for companies looking for a reliable second supplier.

Global Reach

One of the foundations of Avara’s philosophy is a commitment to offering world-class facilities with proven records of regulatory compliance and reliable delivery. Avara has acquired facilities from top 10 pharmaceutical companies with demonstrated records of the highest quality and regulatory standards. This enables Avara to deliver to multiple geographic markets and assure clients that their global supply needs will be met.

Avara’s capabilities in oral solid dose (OSD) manufacturing and packaging are located in Aiken, South Carolina; Arecibo, Puerto Rico; and Norman, Oklahoma. Avara’s facility in Liscate, Italy, specializes in sterile fill and finish drug product manufacturing and packaging. The Oklahoma facility also serves as Avara’s corporate headquarters, with all global operations managed from this location.

Focus on OSD

One of Avara’s core competencies is OSD manufacturing, including potent and controlled substances, spray drying, small batches, and over-the-counter (OTC) products. Across Avara’s three OSD sites, the company offers the gamut of OSD manufacturing and packaging capabilities, including various forms of granulation, compression, extrusion, encapsulation, and tablet and film coating. Both primary and secondary packaging services are available, along with global distribution and supply chain support.

All manufacturing activities are supported by comprehensive analytical services, including method development, transfer, and validation. The Avara Arecibo facility has DEA registrations as a manufacturer and analytical laboratory. Avara Norman has spray drying and fluid-bed granulation capacity, provides automated cartoning and inspection, and is serialization-ready. Multiple prescription-to-OTC switches have been achieved at the Avara Aiken facility.

Focus on Sterile

Avara Liscate offers both liquid and lyophilized fill-finish of sterile injectable products, including high-containment capabilities. The facility also has development labs and small-scale equipment, along with commercial scale manufacturing. When aseptic powder filling is needed, Avara Liscate facility provides this service at small to large scale, including for highly potent compounds.

The Avara Promise

Avara’s teams at all facilities understand clients’ needs through trusted delivery of high-volume commercial products to multiple geographies over many years. With one of the most experienced leadership teams working in the CMO space and the proven track record of our world-class facilities and capabilities, Avara provides a flexible, responsive, and client-centric approach. Avara provides clients with a rewarding and effective CMO experience and delivers on our commitments, including scope, schedule, quality, regulatory compliance, and price. By refocusing our business on our core capabilities in OSD and sterile manufacturing, Avara has assured that we can maintain the highest standards of quality, and function as a true partner to our clients in their mission to deliver life-changing medicines to the patients who need them.

Larry P. Lee

Larry P. Lee is the CEO of Avara Pharmaceutical Services. A 30-year pharmaceutical industry veteran, Larry has a strong focus on operational excellence within all facets of oral solid dose and sterile manufacturing and packaging, as well as the ability to combine a customer service oriented company culture with proven business and financial results. Larry’s professional leadership, extensive knowledge, and genuine desire to meet customer needs have earned him the respect and trust of his colleagues and clients.