Avara Pharmaceutical Services: Specialization with a Client-Centric Approach

At Avara, our business is built upon the flexibility and adaptability that comes with centering our efforts around the needs of our clients. We view ourselves as true client partners, with collaboration, personal connection and attention to detail being at the forefront of everything we do. While we are continually integrating technological innovations, product offerings, and services on the manufacturing side, we believe that our core strength lies in our ability to integrate with our clients to ensure that their goals are met and their expectations are exceeded, thus building lasting relationships.

Our approach to business development aligns with our overall client services methodology, as we seek opportunities that fit our capabilities and processes. We are focused on working with clients that have needs we can meet and execute seamlessly, as opposed to pursuing or responding to RFPs for projects outside the proven scope of what has made our business successful. Our business model is also centered around repeatability — especially in terms of building processes and investing in equipment to meet the specificities of client projects — with our goal being to develop relationships by providing superior service.

Technological Innovation

As potent product categories become more prevalent in pharma, Avara has also outfitted our equipment to be ready for high-potency APIs. One of our core competencies is OSD manufacturing, which includes potent substances, spray drying, small batches, and over-the-counter (OTC) products. Our manufacturing and packaging capabilities include various forms of granulation, compression, extrusion, encapsulation, along with tablet and film coating. Both primary and secondary packaging services are available, along with global distribution and supply chain support. Our Norman, Oklahoma site also offers high shear, roller compaction, hot melt technology, automated cartoning and inspection and is also equipped with serialization technology. 

Production scale at our Norman site generally ranges from 100-kg to 400-kg batches, but we also offer smaller batch sizes for clients, for example, those who deal with potent products. Tablet appearance is also very important, particularly in specific international markets, which is why Avara has vision inspection equipment in manufacturing, so that our finished product is also aesthetically consistent across every unit.

Many of our investments in new technology stem from specific client requests. We aim to partner with clients who have projects ready for tech transfer or products for which we are equipped to execute quickly and efficiently, such as scaling from phase III clinical trials to commercial manufacturing. We also engage in technical transfer work and the manufacturing of registration batches needed to complete filings, all the way through clinical trials and commercial product launches.  

Looking Ahead

Avara has operated at our Norman site since 2016, and the facility itself has been there for 40 years. Throughout this time, the company has navigated pharma trends and the ebbs and flows of product development cycles. Our flexible, specialized approach allows us to adjust to evolving market conditions, which are typically very cyclical. As patents expire and new drug discoveries are made, the competitive landscape remains extremely dynamic, which is why client relationships and trusted delivery are as important as innovative technologies. We will continue to position ourselves as a client partner that can navigate market changes, leveraging our ability to evolve with our clients and maintain sustainable growth and marketability.

Avara Pharmaceutical Services is a contract manufacturing organization whose global operations are built around the needs, priorities, and objectives of our clients.

Avara’s Commitment to the Industry 

Avara Pharmaceutical Services is a contract manufacturing organization whose global operations are built around the needs, priorities, and objectives of our clients. With established facilities proven through decades of large-scale commercial supply within the pharmaceutical industry, we build on inherent long-term site expertise with an established company commitment to attentiveness, flexibility, and a fundamental focus on our clients. Our commitment to our clients is a cornerstone of our business, and this approach has enabled us to support various market and supply chain segments, with sterile fill-finish, oral solid dose drug product, and integrated packaging capabilities across each of our sites.

Deborah A. Graham

A proven leader with more than 17 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, Debbie has been instrumental to the success of Avara’s OSD facility in Norman, Oklahoma. By leveraging her experience in leading complex teams in a wide range of OSD manufacturing technologies — including process engineering, technological transfers, project management, and engineering validation — Debbie consistently delivers superior, flexible, and client-focused service to Avara’s global clients.