How Is Avara Pharmaceutical Services Evolving its Business Model to Meet the Future of Healthcare?



Avara, one of That's Nice's Road to 2021 sponsors, discusses how the company is evolving its partnership models or geographic footprint to meet the future of healthcare.

Over the coming years, Avara anticipates relationships and outsourcing models between sponsors and CMOs will continue to evolve. During that time, we believe more clients will come to view their work with CMOs as an extension of their own internal operations. Cultural fit between companies will increase in importance as companies rely more heavily on contract services, because they want to know their company’s priorities are recognized alongside the CMO’s objectives. Therefore, we foresee contractual terms developing over time that provide commitment assurance to clients and CMOs, enable long-term supply, and offer the flexibility to adapt to the changing demands of the pharmaceutical industry and the markets served.

Through our interactions with new clients, we also see increasing evidence of the desire to form strategic partnerships with CMOs, so as to support the stability of the product supply chain through corporate structural changes. These relationships also allow companies to minimize internal manufacturing costs in order to invest in the research and development of new products or adapt and evolve through merger and acquisition activities. 

Avara is currently focused on our existing network and core capabilities of oral solid dose and sterile manufacturing services across the Americas and Europe.

As a CMO providing high-volume commercial supplies to global markets, we work closely with our client’s Supply Chain and Procurement teams. The resulting structure of frequent communications and meetings ensures that we are aligned with clients on all ongoing manufacturing and supply requirements and are prepared for forecasted business. Because Avara’s sites were all acquired from large pharma companies, we are uniquely positioned to operate as an extension of our clients. This is because we have practiced teamwork over decades of involvement with these legacy companies. This history enables us to seamlessly apply our capabilities to our new clients’ projects and demonstrates our longevity of experience in delivering high-volume commercial supplies to global markets. Also, because every supply chain is unique to the product, we work in partnership with our clients to source raw materials, primary commodities, API, and other materials, in line with each project’s requirements, applying lean practices to our operations and working to identify and approve suppliers who not only meet requirements for demand, quality, and price but who also allow us to minimize and mitigate any potential supply chain risks, and ensure continuity of supply. 

Geographically, Avara is currently focused on our existing network and core capabilities of oral solid dose and sterile manufacturing services across the Americas and Europe. However, as a global CMO with regulatory authorizations granted from multiple countries, we are in a position to support clients worldwide with their manufacturing and supply needs to a variety of global markets. As such, we are always evaluating any potential for the expansion of capabilities at our existing facilities, or the acquisition of new facilities, to complement our core business activities. 

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Avara Pharmaceutical Services

Avara Pharmaceutical Services offers commercial-scale manufacturing, packaging, and supply of oral solid dose and sterile drug products. Avara’s global footprint has been built through acquisition of established pharmaceutical companies with demonstrated records of the highest quality and regulatory standards. With years of experience gained by delivering high-volume commercial products to multiple geographies, Avara's teams offer in-depth understanding of clients' needs.