The Road To BIO: Day 8 Texas

Cannonballs in the pool, excipients in biologics and cleanroom PODs in Aggieland. Join us for a lot of learning — and a bit of fun — on the Road to BIO day 8.  


Brian Pierce

Brian is Director of Digital Capture at That's Nice. He joined the company fulltime in 2016 after working with the company as a freelance photographer for 20 years. Brian has completed nearly all of our studio and location photography and video over two decades, giving him unparalleled experience and knowledge of digital asset capture for pharmaceutical and life science companies. He has shot all types of facilities around the world, and is an expert in the evolution of photographic and video technology and the role it plays in building assets to serve clients' branding and marketing. Brian formerly served in the US Coast Guard and is currently based in the Bay Area of California.