2021 Cell & Gene Therapy Report & Pricing Study

2021 Cell & Gene Therapy Report & Pricing Study

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  • Current 2021 pricing benchmarks, difficult to find
  • Comprehensive landscape of top 68 Plasmid & Viral Vector CDMOs
  • Industry KOL feedback on the current market trends
  • 156 pages of primary research for your sales team
  • Detailed pricing from your competitors across NA, EU, and Asia

2021 Cell & Gene Therapy Report Brings Value to Innovators, CDMOs, & PE Investors

Due Diligence Intelligence for Gene and Gene-Modified Cell Therapy Innovators

Innovator companies looking to enter or extend their presence in the dynamic market for gene therapies and CAR-T and associated cell therapies need a complete understanding of the market dynamics and the landscape of providers capable of manufacturing plasmids and AAV and lentiviral vectors.

Nice Insight’s 2021 Cell & Gene Therapy Report & Pricing Study is an ideal resource for innovators looking to outsource plasmid and viral vector manufacturing to support cell and gene therapy programs, providing profiles of relevant providers and pricing benchmarks for a range of relevant line items. Understand the market of outsourcing providers and what you should pay with competitive pricing comparisons for plasmid and viral vector manufacturing.

Benchmarking Support for Viral Vector CDMOs and PE Investors

For CDMOs working in the plasmid and viral vector manufacturing space and PE companies and investors plotting out investment strategies within this evolving market, our 2021 Cell & Gene Therapy Report & Pricing Study will help you position your company within the competitive landscape, benchmark your pricing structures against your peers and competitors, and better align your offering with customers’ needs now and into the future. The report will help you assess how you measure up in the marketplace and aid your ongoing business development strategy. Acquire pricing data that is not available elsewhere, at any price.

What You Get with the Report

  • Pricing benchmarks based on quotes from providers in the outsourced plasmid and viral vector manufacturing market for all typical line items for plasmid, AAV, and lentiviral vector manufacturing.
  • Market projections for both cell and gene therapy products and outsourced services relevant to gene therapies and CAR-T.
  • A detailed exploration of the competitive landscape with a directory of the top 67 CDMOs providing relevant manufacturing services for gene and gene-modified cell therapies, including capabilities, capacity, proprietary technologies and platforms, and locations.

Gain More Understanding of:

  • High, low, and median pricing for all typical plasmid and vector CDMO services
  • Benchmark pricing and capacities among CDMOs in relevant outsourced services
  • The leading plasmid and viral vector CDMO providers globally, region to region
  • What matters to buyers of outsourced services / innovators seeking a CDMO

Cell and Gene Therapy Report

  • Executive Summary
  • Study Methodology
  • The New Frontier (ATMPs)
  • Background on Cell and Gene Therapy
  • CAR T-Cell and Gene Therapy Market: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Plasmid DNA Manufacture
    • Origin of Replication, Antibiotic Resistance and Percent Supercoiled
    • Host Strains
    • Quality of Plasmid DNA (non-GMP vs GMP)
  • Cell Banks for Plasmid DNA
    • QC Testing of Plasmid DNA
    • Fill/Finish for Plasmid DNA
  • AAV Manufacture for Gene Therapy
    • Choosing a Cell Line for AAV Manufacture
    • Vector Production Strategies
    • Traditional AAV Vectors
    • Alternative AAV Vectors
    • Plasmids required for AAV Vectors
    • Transfection Reagents for AAV Vectors
    • Upstream Processing (USP) for AAV Vectors
    • Harvest and Downstream Processing (DSP) for AAV Vectors
    • Analytics for AAV Vectors
    • Stability, Formulation and Fill/Finish of AAV Vectors
  • Lentivirus Manufacture for CAR T-Cell Therapy
    • Autologous vs Allogenic
    • Plasmids required
    • Transfection Reagents for LV Vectors
    • USP for LV Vectors
    • Harvest and DSP for LV Vectors
    • Analytics for LV Vectors
    • Generation and expansion of CAR-T Cells
  • The Next Frontier – Non-viral Delivery and Gene Editing
  • CDMO Market Review
    • Importance of Outsourcing Plasmid DNA and Viral Vector Manufacturing
    • Plasmid DNA CDMO Market
    • Viral Vector CDMO Market
  • CDMO Pricing Matrices
    • Plasmid DNA Manufacture CDMO Pricing Matrix
    • Viral Vector Manufacture CDMO Pricing Matrix
  • Appendices
    • References
    • Plasmid DNA CDMO Profiles
    • Viral Vector CDMO Profiles