Understanding Solid State Properties for Formulation Success

ALCAMI Webinar reviews critical drug substance considerations.

In Alcami’s experience, understanding the solid-state properties of a drug candidate molecule is essentially important for successful dosage form development. To avoid process instability, close collaboration and communication between solid-state characterization scientists, synthetic process chemists, analysts and engineers, and formulation development personnel is virtually a prerequisite.

Designed to meet development and integration challenges head on, Alcami’s April 6 Webinar will present ProForm Select™ the CDMO’s unique offering designed to provide pharma and biotech companies an integrated, end-to-end control strategy proven to reduce process instability. From development to clinical and commercial, Alcami says their service offers an innovative in-parallel integration of API process chemistry and Drug Product formulation development, a combination effective at driving right-first-time results.

The webinar, scheduled for 3:00pm–4:00pm EDT (GMT04:00) Thursday, April 6, will present the ProForm Select™ offering and cover how the platform can provide solutions to drug owner’s biggest development challenges including selection, API process optimization, drug product formulation and end-to-end control of the manufacturing process.

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