"The Manufacturing Process" is a comprehensive solid dose training course offering practical information on how tablets and capsules are made. Participants will be able identify machinery, why it is used, and what it does.

CLEVELANDSept. 20, 2017 — (PRNewswire)  Federal Equipment Company, the established pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment resource, today announced that from October 3rd to 5th, 2017, the company will host a cross-industry hands-on training and demonstration course, entitled, The Manufacturing Process, for pharmaceutical manufacturing managers, supervisors, operators, R&D staff, formulators, QA/QC, engineering, purchasing and maintenance professionals.

Taking place at Federal Equipment's Cleveland, Ohio, dedicated equipment storage and demonstration facility and training lab, the event will feature renowned service providers from the pharmaceutical supply chain including Evonik, Colorcon and O'Hara Technologies.

The special training session, led by Michael D. Tousey, Technical Director and CEO of Techceuticals, will provide a wealth of tablet and capsule manufacturing insights from Techceuticals and the featured services providers.

Techceuticals is the leading solid dose training and troubleshooting service provider to the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries offering a complete service for solid dosage manufacturing companies including equipment selection and complete training programs for the entire manufacturing team. Training programs include online courses and in-person courses at client's facilities as well as in the Techceuticals Lab in Cleveland, Ohio. Coursework includes all unit operations for solid dose manufacturing and packing, for example, granulation, tablet compression, and film coating. Troubleshooting includes GAP analysis, cGMP training and customized training programs for specific issues. 

Evonik, one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals, will have Dr. Firouz Asgarzadeh, Director Technical Services and Mr. Mitul Patel, Principal Scientist presenting. With its pharmaceutical polymers — such as tablet coatings - Evonik provides smart drug delivery systems that control the time and location when the active ingredients are released, which contributes greatly to the success of the treatment.

Colorcon, which provides a wide range of pharmaceutical film coatings and pharmaceutical formulation development assistance, will have Mr. Florent Vilotte, Senior Technical Area Manager presenting, Film Coating using Colorcon Technologies.

From O'Hara Technologies, recognized on the global market as a leading manufacturer of solid dosage processing equipment, Mr. Jim Marjeram, Technology Director and Matt Botnick, Technical Engineer, will be presenting batch and continuous technologies for granulating and coating.

For more information visit http://techceuticals.com/training/the-manufacturing-process-oct-2017/.

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