New Platform Brings AI Efficiency to Health Data Processing

BioSymetrics’ high-performance processor optimizes diverse data crunching.

BioSymetrics, Inc. recently announced the launch of an artificial intelligence-driven technology it claims will change data analytics for the biomedical industry. The pre-processing and analytics platform, called Augusta, is BioSymetrics’ new proprietary platform that integrates and standardizes the processing of diverse raw data types across an expanding array of health data sources associated with drug discovery, precision medicine and diagnostic imaging/sensing.

Under its single platform, Augusta is designed for the preprocessing and high-throughput analysis of pharmaceutical and biomedicine data. According to BioSymetrics, its platform has more than 150 modules to process raw ECG/EEG, MRI/fMRI and EMR data, as well as metabolomics and chemical data through an automated and optimized framework.

Gabriel Musso, BioSymetrics’ Chief Scientific Officer, explained Augusta’s machine-learning ability. “When you work in Data Science, specifically in the health space, the major hurdles in analyzing data are not technological, they’re practical. We’ve seen this in our own work when developing diagnostic models for Autism and Alzheimer’s Disease, and were astonished at how much of our time was spent processing MRIs and other medical data before analytic projects could begin. We’ve sought to address this need by designing an easily deployable, automated pre-processing framework that can take multiple data types from source, process them, integrate them, and apply machine learning, all in a data-driven way.”

“AI may change the medical world in the next ten years,” said Wendy Tsai, BioSymetrics VP of Business Development. “However, there are challenges around truly harnessing the data needed to make this promise a reality,” she concluded.


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