Lonza Pharm&Biotech Constructing Manufacturing Complex in Switzerland

The facility features IbexTM Solutions.

Breaking ground in June, Lonza Pharma&BioTech disclosed the start of construction on a new biomanufacturing complex in Visp, Switzerland featuring IbexTM Solutions, the company’s new flexible, modular development and manufacturing concept.

According to Lonza, Ibex Solutions is a “technology-independent” manufacturing complex that will be able to handle development and manufacturing activities that span microbial, mammalian, cellular or bio-conjugate targets from late discovery to commercial manufacture. This, said the company, will provide its client’s “complete freedom” to configure processing and implement production at an accelerated pace.

Lonza explained the concept’s flexibility will allow the Ibex facility to match and adapt to each customer’s expectations and forecasts, and that will permit a cost-effective and faster build-out. “The availability of a modular complex means time-to-market can be reduced by 12 months or more,” claimed Lonza, and that for its customers “These advantages contribute to a significant de-risking of major strategic investment decisions.”

Marc Funk, Lonza’s Pharma&Biotech COO, commented that “Lonza has been creating innovative manufacturing and production solutions for 120 years, and we are continuing to pioneer clinical and commercial manufacturing in multiple technologies all over the world. We have been working with our partners to understand what we can offer that will really change the game for them, and that’s why we have created Ibex™.”


Steve Kuehn

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