Gilead Continues to Mix Things Up at the Executive Level

Three additional leaders recently left the company.


Under the direction of its new CEO Daniel O’Day, who took over in March, Gilead Sciences is undergoing a significant makeover at the executive level. Back in May on an earnings call, O’Day stated that getting "the right people in the right roles" was a priority, and he seems to be following through.


Soon after O’Day started, Alessandro Riva, Gilead’s head of oncology, gave his notice. Now three more departures have been announced.


Chief Scientific Officer and Head of R&D John McHutchison will leave effective August 2, 2019, just 18 months after his appointment to the positions. His exit is being described by the company as a voluntary departure, and McHutchison will receive $1.1 million.


Gilead’s Executive Vice President of Human Resources Katie Watson will depart on September 1, while its chief patient officer Gregg Alton will leave on October 4. He has been with the company for 20 years. Both McHutchison and Alton will serve in advisory roles until the end of 2019.


Robin Washington, the firm’s Chief Financial Officer, will leave in early 2020, a departure that was previously announced. By then, the company will have removed its top five executives.


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