Cellect Announces a Major Technological Breakthrough for Industrialization of Apotainer™ Stem Cell Product Line

Utilizing first in kind (patent pending) technology of FasL-magnetic beads to significantly improve the stem cells selection process

The beads are used within Cellect's ApoTainer™ and designed to allow replacement of complex laboratory procedures significantly reducing time and costs while increasing efficacy

Dr. Shai Yarkoni, Cellect CEO commented: "We believe the development for industrialization of the Apotainer™ represents a breakthrough in meeting the rapidly growing demand for stem cells as a raw material."


TEL AVIV, Israel /PRNewswire/ -- Cellect Biotechnology Ltd. (Nasdaq: APOP), a developer of a novel stem cell isolation technology, announced that it has successfully developed for industrialization its first in kind new technology as an integral part of Cellect's ApoTainer™. The new technology utilizes FasL-coated magnetic beads for maximizing efficacy and scalability of stem cell-based products' manufacturing. The Apotainer™ improves the uniformity and hence quality of the outcome thereby supporting the safety and efficacy of raw material for all cell therapy.

During the last 6 months, the Cellect team was able to optimize the beads size, coating technology, elimination of the release of FasL into the medium, all while preserving the biological activity observed in Cellect's ongoing human clinical trial. As previously reported, pre-clinical proof of concept testing of the ApoTainer has shown that the use of FasL-coated magnetic beads significantly increases the active surface allowing a dramatic increase of interactions between the selecting agent and the cells. Further, such testing showed that the outcome increases specific elimination of certain (but not all) of the non-stem cells while full preservation of the number and function of the stem and progenitor cells.

The enhancement of the ApoTainer™ with the Fas-L-presenting magnetic beads is designed to replace highly complex and expensive procedures currently used by laboratories (e.g. T cells depletion), with a significantly more effective process at a fraction of the time and cost.

Utilizing the ApoTainer™, Cellect expects blood stem cell donation to be transplantable within less than 6 hours from donation through a simple process performed bedside instead of undergoing a lengthy laboratory procedure in a highly specialized setting. The standard medical procedure for reaching enriched stem cells currently costs tens of thousands of dollars and produces significant adverse effects.

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Eyal Leibovitz, Chief Financial Officer

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Cellect Biotechnology (NASDAQ: APOP) has developed a breakthrough technology for the selection of stem cells from any given tissue that aims to improve a variety of stem cell-based therapies. The Company's technology is expected to provide research, hospitals and pharma companies with the tools to rapidly isolate stem cells in quantity and quality allowing stem cell-based treatments and procedures in a wide variety of applications in regenerative medicine. The Company's current clinical trial is aimed at bone marrow transplantations in cancer treatment.