Bruker Gains Access to QCL Technology with IRM2 Acquisition

Novel infrared imaging microscopes based on quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology are used for biological tissue analysis and materials science.

Quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology is a new technology used in infrared and Raman microscopy. It is currently used in academic and government research institutions, as well as in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. It has applications in biological tissue analysis and materials science, and future potential in tissue diagnostics. The infrared QCL microscopes developed by IRM2 provide for direct infrared imaging with detector arrays at very high speed, allowing the rapid and high lateral resolution determination of the investigation of large sample areas. 

Bruker, a manufacturer of high-performance scientific instruments and high-value analytical and diagnostic solutions, has expanded its infrared and Raman microscopy technology portfolio with the acquisition of IRM2. Financial details were not provided. "Novel QCL technology can offer major speed advantages for infrared and Raman microscopy of large sampling areas, with great promise for the selective screening of biological tissues,” said Urban Fäh, President of Bruker Optics. 

Commented Dr. Niels Kröger-Lui, founder and CEO of IRM2: "The IRM2 team is proud to become part of Bruker. This is the next step in our vision of transferring the results of our academic research to industrial products that serve customers globally. We believe that Bruker provides the environment for IRM2 to integrate our know-how and technology into innovative and competitive QCL microscopy and spectroscopy solutions."


Guy Tiene

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