Brammer Bio Leverages Advanced Bioprocessing Technologies to Accelerate Capacity

The biologics CDMO is revving up cell and gene therapy manufacturing capacity with the latest in upstream and downstream bioprocessing technology.

In pursuit of added capacity, biologics CDMO Brammer Bio announced earlier this year the company’s plans to expand the capabilities of its early clinical phase facility in Alachua, Florida and its Phase III and commercial operations in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  A preferred technology supplier to Brammer Bio, Pall, jointly announced its intentions to expand up- and down-stream bioprocessing capacity. "Since launching in early 2016, our team has rapidly grown to 300, and now we are focused on expanding much-needed capacity for customers,” said Richard Snyder, Chief Scientific Officer at Brammer Bio.

Pall noted that they were selected a preferred technology partner with Brammer  because of the results achieved with the company’s process equipment. "With Pall's critical process solutions and process support, we look forward to building on more than 100 executed projects and 150 clinical cell and gene therapy lots in Florida—including many first-in-human trials—and 600 plus commercial biologics batches produced in Massachusetts."

Brammer Bio is implementing a range of Pall technologies, including single-use stirred-tank bioreactors for cell culture capability up to 500-liter in Alachua, and up to 2,000-liters in Cambridge. Both facilities will feature the company’s fixed-bed bioreactors to scale-up of adherent processes by providing up to 5,000 sq. ft of growth surface. Pall bi-axial rocking bioreactors, and a variety of single-use mixers will also be deployed. Downstream purification suites, said Pall, will feature the company’s, single-use tangential flow filtration (TFF) platform, MVP systems for fluid automation and single-use chromatography systems.


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