Nuno Matos

Nuno Matos is the Head of Continuous Manufacturing within the R&D organization at Hovione. He is currently based in New Jersey. Nuno joined Hovione in 2004 for the implementation of NIR methods in the lab and soon started developing and implementing PAT in the organization. Nuno led several PAT projects including Hovione’s first product submitted under QbD. He also participated in the “definition of Hovione’s QbD approach” and promoted it within, and outside of, the organization. Since 2015, Nuno overviews all activities related to Continuous Manufacturing, namely the installation of continuous tableting capacity in Hovione’s New Jersey site. Nuno holds a degree in Biological Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico and he is currently a member of USP Experts Committee for Chemical Analysis, where he chairs the Expert Panel for Multivariate Analysis. Additionally, Nuno actively participates in the development of industry standards in the areas of PAT and QbD, as member of the ASTM Committee on Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products.