Aditlys gives patients that are going through dialysis the ability to grow artificial veins using the first polymer-based vascular access solution of this kind.

ZÜRICH, Switzerland — () — Aditlys ( is the first medical technology firm to develop a bioresorbable vascular access solution for patients undergoing dialysis treatment for chronic kidney disease. Aditlys’ polymer-based graft enables a patient’s body to naturally reconstruct its own blood vessels using the body’s own tissue. By focusing on patients suffering from chronic kidney disease, Aditlys expands a patient’s hemodialysis options and reduces the complications and exorbitant healthcare costs associated with these treatments.

Currently, hemodialysis is one of the only options available for patients at risk of chronic kidney failure. This treatment requires that a patient’s arteries and veins be connected with a plastic tubing made from “permanent polymers” and often causes severe complications such as infections, or failure of maturation, leading to non-usable access paths.

Aditlys’ polymer-based vascular access solution has a porous structure which allows a patient’s healing response to develop tissue that fills the structure and creates a blood vessel. As this “endogenous tissue restoration” occurs, the device is gradually replaced by the body’s own tissue, leaving a natural, fully-restored blood vessel, with no foreign material that has the potential to disrupt the life-saving treatment.

“Our goal was to explore permanent solutions to one of the most common diseases affecting people all over the world, and have Nobel Prize winning science and research capabilities to back us,” says Silvere Lucquin, CEO of Aditlys. “Hemodialysis patients are admitted to the hospital, on average, twice a year and spend 33% of their Medicare costs on these hospitalizations. Our product will reduce complications and, in turn, reduces hospitalization expenditures to offer a new alternative in vascular treatments based on regenerative medicine techniques.”


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