101 Antibody-Drug Conjugate Experts to Present at the Industry's Longest Standing & Most Comprehensive Antibody-Drug Conjugate Conference

San Diego, September 18, 2017 — (PRNewswire) — The ADC community will join together for World ADC San Diego this week (September 20-22, Sheraton San Diego Marina). This annual summit, now in its 8th year is expected to draw record attendance of over 650 from large and small pharma, biotechs, academia as well as CROs, CMOs and suppliers to the industry,

Covering every element of ADC development, World ADC curates cutting-edge science and transformative insight. Industry ADC experts will present ground-breaking, scientifically novel ADC case studies, whilst openly talking about the experiences they gained. 

World ADC San Diego will feature four streams covering the latest data from discovery, development, manufacturing and clinical programs. It will also feature a Scientific Poster session (Wednesday September 20) with over 50+ scientific posters, which present the most innovative ADC science.

Highlights on the agenda include Femtogenix revealing a new class of sequence-selective DNA-interactive ADC payloads. Pyridinobenzodiazepines (PDDs) will be introduced for the first time and their design, novel DNA mono-alkylating mechanism of action, and potent in vitro cytotoxicity and in vivo antitumour activity when used in an ADC format will be described.

Eisai will be discussing Chlorotoxin in Peptide Drug Conjugates: Improved Understanding of Tumor Targeting. Chlorotoxin is a tumor targeting peptide that naturally occurs in scorpion venom and has shown activity in human glioma clinical trials. They will give insight into how Peptide Drug Conjugate (PDC) containing chlorotoxin was used to identify a novel MoA of chlorotoxin, revealing its true target on cancer cells and the mechanism for tumor targeting which is separate and distinct from its neurotoxic properties in venom.

Heidelberg Pharma will be revealing how Antibody Targeted Amanitin Conjugates (ATACs) represent a new class of ADCs using the payload Amanitin. This payload introduces a novel mode of action into oncology therapy, the inhibition of RNA polymerase II. The presentation will include improvements of the technology and an update of the development of HDP-101, the first Amanitin loaded ADC directed against BCMA and scheduled to enter Phase I trials in Multiple Myeloma by the end of 2018.

Tarveda Therapeutics will address the discovery and development of potent and selective, miniaturized drug conjugates for the treatment of patients with solid tumors through presentation of its novel Pentarins™. Pentarins bind to either cell surface targets, as is the case with lead candidate PEN-221, or intracellular targets as with PEN-866. All Pentarins are uniquely designed to drive efficacy through deep and rapid penetration into solid tumors resulting in sustained payload accumulation and cancer cell death.

Seattle Genetics will be giving their latest insight into Design Principles for Maximizing the Drug Delivery Efficiency & Therapeutic Index of ADCs. Toxicology and xenograft studies indicate that the optimized design both decreases off-target toxicity and improves antitumor activity, and they are currently planning to evaluate this design clinically with an anti-CD48 antibody for patients with multiple myeloma.

These are just a snapshot of the talks given by the 101 expert speakers, including six pre-conference workshops. The full agenda can be seen at http://worldadc-usa.com/program/scientific-program/

World ADC San Diego also hosts the World ADC Awards (Thursday 21 September) — recognizing the innovation, leadership and devotion within the industry on a global platform. Winners will be announced in the evening

Fiona Mistri, Program Director, World ADC states: "Now in its 8th year, World ADC San Diego is the industry's longest standing and comprehensive antibody-drug conjugate conference. This year's meeting is set to be the most exciting World ADC yet. Novel antibody, linker and payload technologies, promising next-generation ADC clinical data and the approval of Besponsa means ADCs are entering an entering an exciting new era. "

"World ADC San Diego will once again to be the environment in which scientists can communicate problems and solutions; share novel data and forge networks to develop more clinically impactful ADCs."

About World ADC San Diego
Focused on ADCs and crafted with the field's thought-leaders, World ADC is the industry's definitive forum for learning and networking. http://www.worldadc-usa.com

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World ADC San Diego

World ADC San Diego is the industry’s definitive ADC conference. It’s mission – to be the environment in which scientists can communicate problems and solutions; share novel data and forge networks to develop more clinically impactful ADCs.