Issue Q4 2015

The Growing Role of Innovative Technologies

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Innovative Strategies to Meet Today’s Changing Equipment Needs

Significant company consolidation in the pharmaceutical industry is resulting in considerable surplus equipment, driving growth for the used equipment market.

Ensuring the Integrity of Temperature-Sensitive Drugs Along the Cold Chain: What You Can Do To Mitigate Risk

The dramatic growth of high-cost biologics and specialty drugs is fueling the demand for temperature sensitive packaging.

Digital Automation in Clinical Trials: The Promise and Potential

The FDA has recognized EDC as an important enabling technology, and the agency is strengthening requirements for its use.

Cultural Competence In Pharma: Multicultural Marketing Is No Longer Innovation, It’s Competitive Advantage

With the advent of technology and the ability to reach consumers across country boundaries, cultural-value based strategy is more important than ever.

What Does It Mean to be a Full-Service CDMO?

Most drug manufacturers are looking for a combination of specialized expertise, integrated project management combined, cost-effective services from CDMOs.

Special Focus-Achieving Strong Customer Perception: The Customer Experience

The Nice Insight’s 2015 Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Outsourcing survey report comprises 240+ questions and includes responses from 2,303 participants.

Risk Minimization through Careful CDMO Selection

Cost-cutting, downsizing, thinning pipelines and a lack of blockbusters are leading drug manufacturers to increase their reliance on CDMOs.

Outsourcing Provides Advantages to Sponsor Companies

As pharmaceutical companies face increasing cost pressures, they are turning to outsourcing partners with expertise.

In-depth Process and Product Expertise – This is Key to CDMO Support of Orphan Drug and Breakthrough Therapy Development & Commercialization

An Increasing number of innovative small and emerging pharma firms are developing new drug candidates with orphan or breakthrough therapy status.

Choosing the Optimal Drug Delivery System to Meet Patient Needs

A 2013 survey of 800 American adults showed that nearly two-thirds of those who take prescription medications do not take their medication properly.

Bolstering Capabilities for Parenteral Drug Development and Manufacturing

Parenteral drug delivery accounting for 30 percent of market share, is the 2nd largest segment of the pharmaceutical market following solid oral dose delivery.

Be Innovative! Maneuvering the Global Pharmaceutical Market

Faced with stagnating growth in the developed market, pharma companies have increasingly turned to emerging markets for new growth and profit opportunities.

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