Discussing the Advancements in Oncology

Tim Roberts, Chief Commercial Officer of PCI Pharma Services, sat down with Pharma’s Almanac’s Scientific Editor in Chief David Alvaro to discuss the advancements in oncology, the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the industry, and why PCI is well-positioned to be a successful company for years to come.

Tim Roberts

Tim Roberts is Chief Commercial Officer at PCI Pharma Services and is responsible for their global multi-segment Sales team and aligning PCI's go-to-market strategies across Clinical, Commercial and CDMO. With over 22 years pharmaceutical packaging and manufacturing experience and a proven track record of organizational/revenue growth, Tim is highly service-oriented with a firm understanding of the full business equation, client service and consultation. Previously, Tim successfully led PCI’s Global Clinical & Manufacturing Sales Team, where his entrepreneurial leadership style and passion made a significant and positive impact on team members, overall business results and most importantly PCI’s client base. Prior to joining PCI, Tim delivered strong results within similar healthcare solution providers focused on sales, program management and operations leadership roles.